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  • 12 Nov 2023

I have been using the realme 10pro plus for many months now.

The 108mp camera is very good outdoors in high light and the 108mp option can be used for macros, the results for macros are very good. (maybe cropped and also downsized eg. with Photo Resizer: resize image from
Ryoichi Fukugawa or XnViewMP).

But in low light and indoors the shots look pretty bad (it's also a matter of taste), the objects in an oil paintig look (not so natural). Cameras are obviously something complex and the whole thing changes depending on the situation.

The "edge" display does not provide any advantages, in fact I see it mainly as a disadvantage when it falls flat to the ground or when scrolling.

Battery life is really good. The display sharp, in fact you could watch also a film on the 10 pro plus. The speakers almost no bass, as described in the review by gsm.

Of my devices (Honor, p40 lite 4G, and some Samsungs) I still prefer the Huawei p40 lite. The colors of the p40 lite shots are not quite real (but likable especially blue, white contrast like clouds, glaciers), but the overall package as a "daily driver" is still the best. Because of Trump, I now also use Chinese devices.

Hopefully, the Kirin will return for the novas.

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    • nick
    • KZK
    • 04 Nov 2023

    Been using it for almost a year, bought it at december 2022. So far so good. Using it solely for media content and playing game. Very happy with the screen, the very reason my I bought this phone.

      I used for several months
      The performance is good and solid
      but downside is there is only 60Hz in some games
      The 108mp is clear for sure.
      but the real 108mp only exists if the lighting is enough
      the detail is the same as the 12mp in low light condition even in 108mp mode
      To know whether the 108mp is the "true 108mp", there is a pause when you triggers the shot.
      and 108mp photos somehow produce few blown-out photos but it is still good since you get a boost in terms of details
      The 3x lossless zoom does offers really good results, even 5x, the detail is good, and actually it does not use digital zoom in 10x and even max 20x
      I even test the 3x zoom with 2019 realme x2 pro (2x optical zoom). The result is surprising, 10 pro+ wons despite lacking of a dedicated 2x telephoto camera.
      But in lowlight condition, the phone unexplainably use digital zoom which is really noisy.
      Thumbs up for the AI mode in video
      Live HDR provides performs really good in challenging backlight environment
      Night mode does brights up the outputs but it is noisy and lack of detail, though you can watch the objects in videos vaguely.

      The photo mode offers a "AI mode" but I barely toggles it on
      Switching it on will add up saturation which is kind of unappealing for me
      but somehow it does benefit users

        FatShady, 10 Sep 2023how is the camera compared with redmi note 10 pro? i'm... moreBuy Realme 9 Pro+ & thank me later. Best camera sony imx sensor at this price point.
        You will be surprised how good the camera is especially in low light.

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          • Tutel
          • PIM
          • 23 Sep 2023

          2 days into the phone.... so first off lets talk about probably how it generally is. so, a good phone, surprisingly. because ive never used realme before i actually had to study gesture behavior as samsung's are quite refined, this needs alittle bit more effort but overall im liking it as im getting used to it now.

          Battery life:
          Solid 8-10 hours screen on time without any app on deep sleep

          This is where people usually become very sceptical on the phone, lets talk about the good first. The 108mp sensor at the back bins picture quite well, details are nice. altho like many people said their hdr is way too aggresive. you can tackle it with just adjusting focus brightness and you get awesome camera. wide and macro are terrible lol. Front camera is probably the most surpising as.... its really good. like flagship good. better than my s21 ultra good lmao. im gonna end with its amazing.

          what can i say? its fast. altho realme is very stingy about letting you go 120hz all the way and toning down to 90hz on some apps. you can just override this with a third party app and smooth sailing after.

          its flat, nothing amazing.

          this is also a 'mediocre' part, doesnt capture nice sounds, good enough for calling.

          The 'ldac' and 'hd' audio claim:
          dirac and realme is quite shit at tuning their audio lol. best to turn it off and hear natively

          so far overall very good quality phone for cheap. no battery anxiety at all

            how is the camera compared with redmi note 10 pro? i'm planing on getting this phone as a replacemant for my current 10pro, i cannot wait almost a year to buy the 13pro at a somewhat reasonable price, and there's no garantee that it'll have a under display fingerscanner... i hate the one on the button, it fails a lot on me...

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              • Arif
              • XUR
              • 05 Sep 2023

              which vibration motor it has

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                • remtired
                • rJm
                • 22 Aug 2023

                MAP, 18 Aug 2023Pls should i go for realme 10pro+ or infinix note 30vip bec... morePoco f5

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                  • xjH
                  • 18 Aug 2023

                  Pls should i go for realme 10pro+ or infinix note 30vip because i'am a game person

                    great phone! used it as my secondary phone for work also it reminds me of my previous phone - Oppo Find X2 Pro (which is now dead since last year) due to identical UI but minus the camera quality and no telephoto. i like this realme 10 pro+ especially its battery health for a day. Started at 6am to 5pm when i get back home manage to left me a 45% battery life with a 3hr SoT purely media + mobile data connection.

                    compared to my previous and primary phone. Oppo Find X2 Pro can barely left a battery life of 5% and s22u at 20% when i get back home at the same usage/situation. but dayum i got this phone Realme 10 Pro+ for $230 (8gb ram/256gb rom - D1080 global rom) on a chinese online store compared to my previous and primary phone which cost me $1000 when i got it. i missed having ColorOS UI its been a year since my Find X2 Pro front display died (it cost $330 for screen replacement). so sad, hoping to come back soon to Oppo Flagship phone next year for my primary phone upgrade.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • JHP
                      • 11 Aug 2023

                      T, 11 Aug 2023Does it get heated easily?It doesnt heata up at all

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                        • 6p}
                        • 11 Aug 2023

                        Does it get heated easily?

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                          • rupesh
                          • 7kj
                          • 05 Aug 2023

                          Anonymous, 16 Jul 2023the problem is after a year its going badHow, can u tell me more, I'm want to buy this..

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                            • Abderaouf
                            • rpI
                            • 04 Aug 2023

                            Selfie camera .video have gyro EIS .🙂😄

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                              • Emn
                              • 30 Jul 2023

                              HIM, 21 Jun 2023The worst mobile I had ever owned, I get a very annoying no... moreBlame the earpiece not the phone, jokes on you xD

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                                • gFA
                                • 16 Jul 2023

                                Real Mi, 09 Jul 2023I own this device. It is superb. Smooth like butter, every... morethe problem is after a year its going bad

                                  I own this device. It is superb.
                                  Smooth like butter, everything is good. Playing heavy games is not even a problem.
                                  Even heavy apps like wechat launched in 1 seconds
                                  Although camera hardware looks somehow unappealing, the result is amazing. Zoom is good as it claimed to be. gyro-EIS stabilization is good in spite of no OIS.
                                  OS (Realme UI 4.0) is smooth. I like it.

                                    whyyo , 15 Jun 2023dimensity 1080 is like 5g version of helio g99 , isnt it??Antutu 9 Marks
                                    Dimensity 1080 :501246
                                    Dimensity 1080 is way more better than G99

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                                      • CbG
                                      • 22 Jun 2023

                                      Anonymous, 14 Jun 2023i think it is better to get oneplus. cos it has better OSYes

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                                        • HIM
                                        • 8q1
                                        • 21 Jun 2023

                                        The worst mobile I had ever owned, I get a very annoying noise (beep and rattle) every time I call or receive a call using messengers (Whatsapp, Signal ... etc) from the earpiece.
                                        when I use Bluetooth headphones no noise at all.
                                        I through it in drawer and got another cheap phone.