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Honestly i think this phone would be much more suited in a
much lower price bracket. Over $700 for a mere dimensity 7050! I don't think so.

    Bb, 25 Dec 2023You can find usb-c heaphones anywhere you want.Hardcore gaming is not suitable, just a camera is better. not because soc isn't strong. (use a 3.5mm audio jack. Usually minimal latency)

      Anonymous, 29 Dec 2023It doesn't matter which one looks cheaper material-wis... moreIn my opinion, the design of the Samsung S24 series is good, just like its predecessor the S23 series. I didn't hold it so I don't know. (design according to individual taste) Indeed, in the future the Samsung S25 series will need a new design. The S24 ultra uses titanium, the same as the Xiaomi 13 pro (the launch of the Samsung S24 series will only occur on January 18 2024)

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        • swm
        • 03 Jan 2024

        Did someone got update in Europe after 535 with november security patches?

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          • AndroidFan
          • IV$
          • 02 Jan 2024

          Itsauser, 22 Dec 2023Hello... If only anyone could suggest whether this phone su... moreIve played CODM,PUBGM,Metal Slug and playing with Realme 11pro plus camera features.

          With the price you pay...You will be more than satisfied with all its offers.

          Oh ya, long battery life with fast 100watt charger....makes you smile everytime you recharge your phone.

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            • Anonymous
            • p7$
            • 29 Dec 2023

            justasmile, 24 Dec 2023A05s looks way cheaper. At least S23 FE got a metal frame a... moreIt doesn't matter which one looks cheaper material-wise both are damn ugly that waa my point. Whole Samsung Galaxy lineup is ugly and new S24 Ultra will be as disastrous as brick. LOL

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              • 3gj
              • 25 Dec 2023

              Anonymous, 16 Oct 20231tb storage without headphone hack? How the heck am I suppo... moreYou can find usb-c heaphones anywhere you want.

                Anonymous, 23 Dec 2023Battery on S23 FE is shit and as ugly as cheap A05S is.A05s looks way cheaper. At least S23 FE got a metal frame and glass back.

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                  • 23 Dec 2023

                  LosEstupido, 26 Oct 2023I'd rather buy an old phone with 12MP Ultrawide and a ... moreRealme has better design, better and faster charging, charger and case in the box, better screen and better main camera with larger sensor and more mods to shoot than S23 vanilla. It has bigger storage than S23 and it's not fragile as S23 is. Also it has better OS which is more feature rich. And finally the price 4x less than S23 Ultra model with same storage (ex.512GB). All in all Relme has all I need and it is inovative, modern and gorgeous vs old and boring Samsung "language".

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                    • 23 Dec 2023

                    justasmile, 15 Dec 2023At the end of the day, with the price drop of the Samsung s... moreBattery on S23 FE is shit and as ugly as cheap A05S is.

                      Hello... If only anyone could suggest whether this phone supports good or high end gaming of games like BGMI, COD, etc... Thank You !!!

                        Can Anyone please suggest is this phone good for Gaming like BGMI...
                        I Have a budget of 30K to 40K and looking for a good gaming phone if anyone could suggest good one orr shall i go with this phone only....!! Thank You 😇

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                          • JF4
                          • 15 Dec 2023

                          Anonymous, 04 Nov 2023which is better to buy realme 11 pro or Huawei P30 pro used... moreHi, never you should never buy preowned(used) mobile phone. You ll never know what are you buying

                            At the end of the day, with the price drop of the Samsung s23 fe, it is worth paying that extra money for a better chip, better ultrawide, better selfie camera, ability to record 1080p 60fps on the front camera, better Bluetooth, faster USB-C, better water and dust resistance, higher peak brightness, wireless charging (it's there if you need it) and more years of updates.

                              Super great phone, top specs for little money...only bad thing is that it can be difficult to find accessories like a case...but ordering via internet is not a problem. And so beautiful...

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                                • Tyrone
                                • sxr
                                • 11 Dec 2023

                                I have this phone for 3 months now and I really love it. The design is unique and the build is sturdy. It's chipset is neither the newest or the fastest but it didn't hang or lag on me even once. The battery is also very good; I always end up the day with 25-35% left. Plus the charging is crazy fast, faster than any phone I've had before. I charge it when it's down to around 20% battery, I take a bath then boom! it's already at 100%.

                                The main camera also takes stunning photos and there are a lot of features you can explore. The ultrawide is okay and the macro is... well, I have only used it once or twice because you can't really expect anything from a 2MP camera. The selfies are good too but the colors and dynamic range needs a little more work, I think.

                                Overall this phone is really great for its price. I can't find any fault in this. The only downside I can say is this phone has been out for 6 months now and I can't find a decent tempered glass that suits this anywhere so I'm still stuck with the pre-installed plastic screen protector.

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                                  • 01 Dec 2023

                                  This was released back in May and yet it's still not available to purchase over here in the UK. What gives?

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                                    • Frank Lustig
                                    • Lex
                                    • 26 Nov 2023

                                    Anonymous, 01 Nov 2023I agree. I would rather get a cheaper Galaxy A54. It has be... moreMy thoughts are different, sorry. The S23 FE will have 4500 instead of 5000 mAh battery and can only load with 25W instead of 100W. The SoC is old and lame, I hate Samsung SoCs. The main camera will be WAY behind the 200MP Samsung-shooter in the Realme, no chance for Samsung S23 FE to get only near. The UI may be a case of personal preferences. The storage will be maxed out at only 256GB at the S23 FE and cannot be extended. RAM only is less (8GB instead of 12GB). And the design, sorry, is MUCH-MUCH-MUCH prettier at the Realme, no chance for lame Samsung oldschool style.

                                    So, the Samsung may have partial benefits, but overall NO CHANCE in competition with the Realme - in my oppinon.

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                                      • L6h
                                      • 23 Nov 2023

                                      Possibly supports reverse charging, or at least my Pixel 8 claims it's charging when plugged into this phone (my mother has it)

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 6p}
                                        • 19 Nov 2023

                                        LosEstupido, 26 Oct 2023I'd rather buy an old phone with 12MP Ultrawide and a ... moreHaptics for well as reception and call quality far more superior than your so so samsung