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GamerBoy705, 31 Jul 2023I got the 12GB/256GB variant (India) for a nice price (28k ... moreThanks 👍👍 for sharing your experience.

    Much better to wait Realme 12 series will be have a telephoto or periscop camera, but price increased

      GamerBoy705, 31 Jul 2023I got the 12GB/256GB variant (India) for a nice price (28k ... moreThank you for this detailed review!!😎

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        • 02 Aug 2023

        Gsd vibe, 31 Jul 2023You play supercell gamesThanks for the comment

          Gsd vibe, 31 Jul 2023You play supercell gamesYes I do, it's just a past time habit to kill time. Clash of Clans is pretty fun!

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            • 31 Jul 2023

            GamerBoy705, 31 Jul 2023I got the 12GB/256GB variant (India) for a nice price (28k ... moreYou play supercell games

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              • 31 Jul 2023

              GamerBoy705, 31 Jul 2023I got the 12GB/256GB variant (India) for a nice price (28k ... moreWow, thanks for this

                I got the 12GB/256GB variant (India) for a nice price (28k INR). Here's my review after 5 days of use:

                * I know it's subjective, but the design (at least on the Sunrise Beige color) is so good. The leather feels amazing, but it actually smells pretty weird lol.
                * The display is also amazing. It is vibrant and seems quite accurate to my eyes. It also goes pretty bright, bright enough to use under direct sunlight comfortably. I was worried about the curve, but it is actually pretty comfortable to use.
                * The stereo speakers are very good. Even at max volume, the music and vocals are very clear with little to no distortion.
                * The 5G reception is good and the phone doesn't heat up much at all, even during use. I use Jio and I get around 400-450Mbps outdoors and around 200-250Mbps indoors, which is pretty impressive compared to other phones in the same price range I've seen.
                * The in-display fingerprint sensor is very fast and accurate. The sensor's location was concerning at first before I bought the phone, but you can get used to it very quickly.
                * I didn't expect it at first, but the face unlock is super fast. You literally just move the phone slightly (Raise to wake) and it's unlocked before you even realize it. It also seems to work even in dimly lit situations.
                * Battery life is pretty good. I get around 8-9 hours of SOT with basic tasks like WhatsApp, YouTube and web browsing. This is while the phone was connected to WiFi and some Bluetooth audio connections then and there. With gaming, I get around 4-5 hours of SOT. It can last up to 3-4 hours of PUBG Mobile/BGMI (Smooth/Extreme), ~30 minutes of Clash of Clans and ~30 minutes of Clash Royale in one charge. This SOT number is taken from when the phone is fully charged (100%) to around 5-10% of charge left.
                * The SoC cooling seems to be done well. The phone doesn't heat up much at all, even during heavy gaming (like above as mentioned in the battery test). CPU-Z reports a temperature of 38 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius, which isn't very hot for the workload.
                * The haptics are pretty good. It's a small thing, but many companies like Samsung often cheap out on it on their lower end devices. These small things make the phone feel a lot better and satisfying to use.

                * The cameras produce very good pictures and I don't have much to complain about in regards to the quality other than that the images don't come out well in some scenarios, seemingly in random. I suppose this is due to their post-processing. realme should step up their image post-processing. The same goes for the realme X3 SuperZoom that I also have.
                * This is probably only a 'me' thing, but the display is kind of too tall, which makes it hard to reach the top with one hand. But I do have small hands, so maybe that's the problem.
                * The earpiece (calls speaker) is average, you can hear some hisses or buzzes from time to time. At least the microphone quality seems to be good.
                * The 100W charging is super fast. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes for the phone to get from 15% to 100%. But the phone also heats up a lot. The charging brick and the handset can get pretty hot but they'll both cool down after about 15 minutes even when still plugged in. So it's not a huge concern if you forget that the phone is still charging.
                * Performance is as expected for the processor. I got a overall score of 543,597 in AnTuTu Benchmark. Then I got a score of 2314 in 3DMark Wild Life. I also got a score of 2311 (best loop) and 2302 (worst loop) in Wild Life Stress Test (with 20 loops or around 20 minutes). I know Wild Life isn't the most demanding benchmark, but at least it doesn't throttle.

                * The biggest con is the software. realme UI has a lot of good features but the ads are just too much. It also comes with a lot of unwanted apps ("Bloatware") and sponsored apps. The good thing is that you can disable ads completely, disable/uninstall every bloatware app (with only a couple exceptions, App Market and Game Center) and uninstall all sponsored apps. I guess one good thing is that new apps don't get installed or settings don't get changed after a software update (at least it didn't for me).
                * The camera bump is too large. The phone doesn't shake around when used on flat surfaces but that makes it very easy to get scratches on the camera bump. It is not advisable to use the phone without a case then, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the great design. You could get a transparent case, but good ones are either expensive or hard to come by (for now).
                * A major camera issue I have is that the top of the phone gets HOT when you take a lot of pictures or record a video. I don't know why this is the case, but I won't be comfortable to record a video for longer than around 10 minutes with the main sensor.


                This is overall a great phone, and really nobody would be unhappy to use this phone as their daily driver. It's just that you have to think of the pros and cons. Most importantly, you should consider what you are actually after when you buy a phone. For example, if you're solely after performance, the Poco F5 demolishes this phone for the same price. This phone could use some price drops in the future but I don't really see that since the 200MP cameras are probably not very cheap.

                  Anonymous, 27 Jul 2023If am not wrong it will be launch globally on 1st aug, for ... moreLooks like August 2nd here in Vietnam. Also looking to be quite expensive. Nearly $650 for the 512GB version.

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                    • 27 Jul 2023

                    Nifol, 26 Jul 2023Why is this phone not available to purchase in the UK? It&... moreIf am not wrong it will be launch globally on 1st aug, for now its available in China like Aliexpress.

                      In Czech Republic (EU) is normally available.

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                        • Nifol
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                        • 26 Jul 2023

                        Why is this phone not available to purchase in the UK? It's been out for months now. When can we buy it over here? It's not even shown on the Realme Europe website.

                          Can Anyone confirm if this one has the Stock Theme store for the Global Version??

                          or is it gonna be like GT NEO3 :(

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                            • 25 Jul 2023

                            Mohan, 21 Jul 2023Dear realmi stop making dump phones which is incompatible f... morek20 pro premium has it. So what are you talking about?

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                              • 23 Jul 2023

                              This is great phone. But this phone could have been launched with MediaTek Dimensity 8100.

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                                • Mohan
                                • syN
                                • 21 Jul 2023

                                Dear realmi stop making dump phones which is incompatible for 4k 60fps recording. Only one bad side is your camera department due to lack of 60fps on 4k

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                                  • 18 Jul 2023

                                  Raja king , 17 Jul 2023Snapdragon Used mediatek

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                                    • 17 Jul 2023

                                    alvyanto, 15 Jul 2023Why realme dont use snapdragon 7 plus gen 2, realme chipset... moreSnapdragon

                                      So, this is going to be like Realme 10 pro plus? There are news that will arrive in Europe (or already arrived) but you can't find it anywhere.

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                                        • 16 Jul 2023

                                        .....and still this stupid and useless 2Mpx macro camera!!