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  • Ali
  • 6Pp
  • 17 Jul 2024

I have been using this phone for the last 4 days and I have to say the phone is excellent but the only thing I don't like in this phone is the screen panel colours specially skin tones are not so good and even though it's 1080p but still the quality is not so good.....otherwise its very good phone

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    • Slavcho
    • 3PK
    • 17 Jul 2024

    Hi, I am really considering buying this phone, but there are a couple of things that I wish to know beforehand:
    1. Many online reviews complain about the presence of bloatware and ads within the phone. I come from a stock Android (Nokia) and really would like to keep ads out of the screen. Is the bloatware presence and the ads a real thing in this phone?
    2. Some comments here post about the bad quality of the camera, yet the review here shows pretty decent photos.
    3. What about battery life?

    I am considering to buy it online and have never had this phone in my hand. That's why I'm asking these qustions.

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      • Fahad
      • 6Pf
      • 16 Jul 2024

      Anyone who is facing issues regarding charging speed, battery drain, HDR videos on YouTube frame drops + system lag and other performance issues in this device? I need help

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        • Anonymous
        • uCh
        • 08 Jul 2024

        Wild rift, 19 Apr 2024Don't used fake or low quality sd card to avoid corrup... moreTo be fair, android sometimes corrupts microsd randomly, something with Linux file handling. Easy fix to plug into a windows machine, fix card, no data lost. But it's a hassle and above normies esp when android prompts to format.

        Person calling it a waste when it's hybrid dual sim and optional is a waste of oxygen though.

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          • Ahsan
          • X@I
          • 04 Jul 2024

          usmannaeem, 02 Jul 2024What is the UFS version of this phone? I feel like the ... moreThis phone uses UFS 3.1

            usmannaeem, 02 Jul 2024What is the UFS version of this phone? I feel like the ... moreUfs 3.1

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              • Aamir
              • 6QP
              • 02 Jul 2024

              ip54 😁😁

                What is the UFS version of this phone?

                I feel like the processor is a step down as well.

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                  • sid
                  • sys
                  • 01 Jul 2024

                  is it worth buying?

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                    • Hvg
                    • J9p
                    • 30 Jun 2024

                    Dont, 30 Jun 2024are cameras really that bad ? i mean i wouldn't mind a... moreCamera is good

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                      • Dont
                      • fvU
                      • 30 Jun 2024

                      are cameras really that bad ? i mean i wouldn't mind an average camera that just does the job in this price point but you guys making it sound like it's unusable.
                      it's either this or the Realme 11 Pro both selling for the same price now in many markets, but the flat screen and better stereo sound and 3.5 jack making the 12 Plus more appealing to me idk i don't think there's much of a difference if any between their cameras.

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                        • Srikanth
                        • vGg
                        • 29 Jun 2024

                        Wtf, 13 Apr 2024I honestly don't know why companies stopped giving rad... moreI fully agree with you

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                          • Bruno Ferrari
                          • Lfh
                          • 22 Jun 2024

                          Ram, 20 Jun 2024There is no NFChas nfc

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                            • Ram
                            • CbL
                            • 20 Jun 2024

                            There is no NFC

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                              • Sandy
                              • uvr
                              • 03 Jun 2024

                              I don't really get people trashing its battery and camera. Pics are oversaturated for sure. You'll have to edit it after. The quality of pics are not bad though. Gcam is better but it's buggy af. I think because of mediatek chip but keep that in mind. But at this price edge 50 fusion is now a better choice.

                              For battery I'm getting around 9-11% drain per hour SOT with dual sim, wifi, light gaming and 120hz always on. It's not bad at all. Easy 8hr sot

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                                • Sandy
                                • uvr
                                • 03 Jun 2024

                                Allassye, 12 May 2024Good point I've also noticed it ib other phone's ... moreI just checked again now. There's still smearing at 60hz it's just less noticeable because everything else is choppy at 60hz lol

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                                  • An0n
                                  • X}w
                                  • 24 May 2024

                                  Why does this phone not have photo and video compare with the others? It's completely missing. We cannot compare its result with other phones. It's so weird. Is Realme intentionally bribe GSMA for doing this?

                                    Sandy, 27 Mar 2024I could be wrong on this. Both may be 3.1, not sure. One th... moreGood point I've also noticed it ib other phone's with OLED display at 120hz thers some kind of gohsting and black to grey or to thin blue wave, you will get used to it not a big deal for a phone but sure for a pc display it's a pain in the eye

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uvq
                                      • 28 Apr 2024

                                      Nfc support

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • uvr
                                        • 26 Apr 2024