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  • Sandeep
  • 2@w
  • 13 Jun 2024

Kapil, 28 Apr 2024I have used this phone from release. Best ever b... moreBest phone bought in june 2019 still working excellent but am unable to find such another phone to replace it.

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    • Kapil
    • Dkr
    • 28 Apr 2024

    I have used this phone from release. Best ever body. Best mobile best ever best

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      • Nihilo
      • Ki6
      • 18 Apr 2024

      Bought about a month after freshly released (about june/july 2019), mainly just for daily drive. Gaming once in a while, MLBB and WoR. Still can keep up for multitasking, even need a while to open new app. Camera are still good, but for street photography enthusiast may be not enough. Accidentally drop it without any case this year, corner of the screen cracked and the light leaked. Bought a new phone (Poco X6 Pro), as for the 3 Pro, because the machine & battery is still good, brought the phone to service shop, switch the screen to a new one. And now my sister use it lol

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        • Sandy
        • 7k}
        • 16 Mar 2024

        Dhanakjie, 16 Mar 2024Yup true, i use 5 years still ok (4/64) the spec not lose w... moreTo be fair it's in the last days of use as a main phone. The camera while ahead of its time and still good, is still showing its age. For example both phones support 4K30 but the output from 12+ is far better than 3 pro. Shots also have much better details. There's way too much saturation tho which is my only issue.

        As long as it's not app heavy usage, 3 pro is still a good champ.

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          • Dhanakjie
          • PA7
          • 16 Mar 2024

          Sandy, 15 Mar 2024I just upgraded from realme 3 pro to 12+ and let me tell yo... moreYup true, i use 5 years still ok (4/64) the spec not lose with new phone especially the camera

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            • Sandy
            • 7k}
            • 15 Mar 2024

            hike, 03 Mar 2024same here.. still good. i dont find any reason to change it... moreI just upgraded from realme 3 pro to 12+ and let me tell you, the difference is massive. Obviously it's still very usable and I still do use it, but just having the extra horsepower and Ram (mine only had 4gb) and as importantly I think the UFS makes a HUGE difference in day to day use. I no longer have to wait for apps to load, everything is done when I want it to.

            It feels just like how I felt when I first upgraded to the 3 pro back 5 years ago. Honestly the screen, battery, charging, and camera still holds up after all this time. But apps have just gotten too heavy for this old legend.

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              • hike
              • 2S{
              • 03 Mar 2024

              Anonymous, 14 Jan 2024Mine is gonna complete 5 years in 4 months from now. I don&... moresame here.. still good. i dont find any reason to change it, except the 5G. still competes in camera quality and GG5 with some recent release one from same brand

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                • Anonymous
                • X}s
                • 14 Jan 2024

                Mine is gonna complete 5 years in 4 months from now. I don't have any issue other than some minor problems which can be resolved with a simple restart. I am planning to upgrade just because of the 5G, otherwise I will use this masterpiece until it dies on my hand.

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                  • Threize
                  • KiC
                  • 14 Dec 2023

                  your homie, 11 Dec 2023still using after 4 years. currently on android 11. It gli... moreMine 5 years. My Poco F2 Pro died recently, so i took this retired old guy off shelf. The screen is loose, but can be glued again without problem. The wifi signal is rather weak since i bought it 5 years ago. But other than that it still works properly.

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                    • your homie
                    • XVn
                    • 11 Dec 2023

                    still using after 4 years. currently on android 11. It glitches sometimes but considering its age and usage its more than ok. Hardware is still in good condition. Nice build Quality realme 👍

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                      • Anonymous
                      • DEP
                      • 11 Dec 2023

                      Yes me too. 4 years

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                        • Someone
                        • txF
                        • 11 Dec 2023

                        Best phone i already use this phone 3 year and this phone actually like tank

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                          • rm3 pro user
                          • I@H
                          • 24 Nov 2023

                          4 uears and still kickin

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                            • Doxt
                            • UUK
                            • 13 Nov 2023

                            Using more than 4 years, best phone

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                              • Siva
                              • y2g
                              • 10 Nov 2023

                              Using this phone since last 4.5 years excellent mobile still working fine other than hang issues when I work with multiple large apps at a time.

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                                • Tushar
                                • U@n
                                • 10 Oct 2023

                                It's is doing job perfectly from the last 4 years the best phone at that quality is top notch

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XMg
                                  • 05 Oct 2023

                                  Bought this phone on August 2019 and till date (September 2023) it works fine. Except minor hang issues, (which is expected as I have a 4gb ram) no problem at all.

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                                    • Waleed
                                    • PVe
                                    • 04 Oct 2023

                                    Using this phone from 4 years and its really a nice phone to have.

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                                      • Mohib
                                      • 0Cj
                                      • 21 Sep 2023

                                      I brought in Realme 3 Pro in May 2019 and till date (September 2023) it's working fine without having problems.
                                      I'm using Android 11 (UI 2.0)

                                      I can say that it's the best phone I have ever used.

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                                        • Thank all of you guy
                                        • vN0
                                        • 16 Sep 2023

                                        I have a realme 3 pro and buy it late 2019 lucky still on Android 9 . Then I'm receiving an Samsung S8 plus as a gift and use it till now . Lately the S8 plus has broken after years use it till 2023 . So I'm checking my family storage and found this realme 3 pro in box . I'm checking here and I'm just put it on Android 10 and it's work like a champ for 4 months till now . If now all of your experience to Android 11 does not here I'm have done some bad move to get it to Android 11 . So thanks I'm good with Android 10 and battery last to 5 hours 40 minutes from 100 to 10 percent. What a lovey device.