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  • Sukumar

Phone has become very slow. Battery is draining fast and phone is hot even with mild usage. Realme planned to kill realme 3 pro phones with Android 11 update. Either not tested or planned kill of realme 3 pro.

  • Raihan

akki, 05 Aug 2021Yes bro... Same problem here. My internet get disconnected ... moreyou mean the wifi or the cellular data

  • Chan

Do you think flash original stock with android 9 is better? what do you think?

  • Kranthi

After getting realme UI 2.0 update mobile hangs and performance also very slow, I never saw like this performance in past 2 years. I think Realme intentionally degraded the mobile performance most of the mobile companies doing this for customers should shift newly launched mobiles

  • akki

Varun, 15 Jun 2021Post recent update facing issues with occasional internet d... moreYes bro... Same problem here. My internet get disconnected a lot.

  • ShaikSN

Within 2 years of moderate use motherboard gone and Realme has worst customer service

  • Realme

loyalty user, 10 Jun 2021yeah. but sometimesLow volume issue is there from long time even before this update. I am using volume booster gooev app which is free and really works well in increasing volume

  • Rajan

Call hanging problem facing from day 1 anyone help me

  • Varun

Post recent update facing issues with occasional internet disconnection, browser (chrome) hangs after sometime. Phone is slightly sluggish.

  • loyalty user

Vishal, 06 Jun 2021Any one racing problem that earphone speaker volume is down... moreyeah. but sometimes

  • Vishal

Any one racing problem that earphone speaker volume is down after the latest update !?

  • Anonymous

raju2529, 31 May 2021On 28th may 2021 realme released may 2021 update version ... moreAnyone experiencing restrictions in opening WIFI setting/ +add net network after the recent OS update realme UI?

Now my phone is practically useless. Mobile data is not enough. Wifi seems to be not working at all/ perhaps somewhat restricted, it happened after the update when the phone reset. BY the way my phone was restored/ factory reset since the update- contacts, messages, photos wiped out.

On 28th may 2021 realme released may 2021 update version
RMX1851_11_C.17 for Indian Realme 3 pro users.
Update log details :
● Updated Android security patch: April & May, 2021.
● Optimized the system performance and improved the system stability.

direct downloading link

  • Manojkumar Vyas

munimjaffer, 11 Feb 2021I don't know why people are doing negative comments ab... moreYou are absolutely right brother. I also have been using this phone for almost 2 years still I have found this phone even better and more stable than Realme 7 Pro. I bought Realme 7 Pro also but sold it after using it for a few months but I still like to use Realme 3 Pro as it is working the way it was working on the first of purchase.

  • I.D

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Go for it. Realme 3 pro is one of the bests of Realme serie... moreDoes battery last?

  • Anonymous

Motornade, 16 Jan 2021Worst Phone Ever Used . I Bought This On 30Th May 2019 Till... moreSame here bro... Android 9 was much better, ... But then Android 10 came with lots of issues

  • Rio

Nil, 18 Dec 2020i bought realme 3 pro in April 2019 from the online realme ... moreExactly Same thing happened with me

  • Abhay

My mobile is not closing , as I pressed from side for restart.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2020Should I buy this smartphone? The price in my country has d... moreYes it is a budget king

  • Nelson

Flashlight not working tired to reset but still the flashlight option is freeze