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  • sammo

Hi, anyone update latest and got problem with back camera ? Try to reset all setting and clear camera cache but problem still persist :( . Please help, everything is fine before update to android 11 :(

  • Anonymous

Anyone pls reply how is battery after update i just got the update ( still didnt make it ) its 3 giga

  • user

just got update to Android 11

Techie07, 25 Apr 2022Using this phone since Aug 2019, i can safely say that this... moreCould you please tell me where can I download gcam mod? I've already download it before but the slow mo video in gcam doesn't work so I uninstalled it.

Using this phone since Aug 2019, i can safely say that this phone can handle every day task very well. For gaming, you'll get decent performance. SD710 good for light games but decent for heavy games like COD, PUBG, Gensin Impact, Asphalt and etc. I don't do gaming much.

Battery is quite weak. Especially if you constantly using camera like shoot long videos or continuously taking photos, the battery will be fully drained within an hour. If you're traveling every day, better to carry a powerbank together. For light usage, it can last a day.

Camera, as expected, below average. I suggest y'all to install Gcam mod apk for better photos and videos. I normally use gcam to take photos and all. If editing photos is your hobby

  • Anonymous

Phone sucks in terms of video quality. I hate when front cam video recording buffers a lot.

  • Maruf

Those who feel lagging of device at android 11 can easily rollback to Android 10, just search "Realme 3 pro rollback " on Youtube

  • Anonymous

this phone can upgrade to Android 10 but my realme 3 pro is upgraded to Android 11, android U1 and yesterday in android U2.0 my phone get more than 40 updates and performance is really nice i bought this phone in may 2019 and still i using this phone i feel really good

  • lovehumanity

if you got wifi disconnection problems just goto settings then battery .. you ll find soluton there.. or just goto manage apps and then whatsapp and in allowed section change the option to run in background. It wont disconnect from wifi.

  • Anonimus Prime

I bought this phone in late year of 2019 I think in december and until this time I write this comment my phone still performs really well it still can handled almost every newest games that's been released, althought my phone are fell a couple times but thanks to my hardcase that it's still pretty looking...the tempered glass from the original realme is still usable just a minor crack at the top right corner after my phone fell and hit I don't know on the floor. it's the BEST phone I've ever had and I never gonna buy a new phone until this phone is really dead.

  • Anonymous

Raihan, 02 Sep 2021you mean the wifi or the cellular data i also experienced wifi disconnection. anybody could share the solution?

  • Idioooit

malluraja, 04 Dec 2021am using realme 3 pro since Aug 2018. happy with its perfo... moreAugust 18? This phone release april 2019? Wtf

  • Antony

Ramesh, 28 Nov 2021After I got upgrade for android 11 the phone become slower ... moreI am Also facing same issue after Upgrade.

Three time i faced no Display & Slow Down. Give the solution

am using realme 3 pro since Aug 2018.
happy with its performance, though during android update there were bit lags and all, having said that, realme 3 pro is really worth spending for me as I have used this mobile for the past 3 years . There was no issues reported so far for its charge and cable as well (I dont use mobile while charging, that is once of the reasons for long life of cable).
am still using this phone (6GB /64)as my primary phone, - keeping 3-4 GB memory space always . Thank you ..cheers !!

  • Ramesh

After I got upgrade for android 11 the phone become slower and camera is also having issues specially when creating videos... Taking 1-2 min to end video...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021The phone has been upgraded to Android 11. It’s still fine ... moreHow to upgrade Sir? Thanks

  • Anonymous

The phone has been upgraded to Android 11. It’s still fine with me.
The only hiccup was the very bad FM radio application, which has disappeared since the Android 10 upgrade, so that it does not have any FM radio anymore.

  • Anonymous

LK, 03 Oct 2021I bought this phone in Jul 2019 and have never regretted my... moreI got recent update and my phone is slower now. I have been using it for 2.5 years and never faced any issue even for a single moment but now I'm irritated. Its not that slow but relatively slow as it was before update

  • Anonymous

Should i make the new android 11 update ?! Or i should just stick with 10 ....

  • Mangaal

After the update phone getting slow and hang on typing. Realme fix the problem release an update