Realme 3 Pro fast charging support confirmed

Ro, 16 April 2019

The Realme 3 Pro's announcement date is close (April 22) and the company continues to tease it and build up the hype. A landing page has already been set up on Flipkart with a #HateToWait slogan. It appears to be all about the Realme 3 Pro's fast charging feature.

It's going to be the company's first smartphone with a fast charging tech on board. It comes as no surprise given that Oppo is a parent company of Realme and it has all the cool charging tech. Some kind of iteration of VOOC charging will likely be implemented.

In addition to the landing page, Realme's CEO published a night sample photo taken with the Realme 3 Pro showing off the phone's low-light capabilities. It does look pretty nice, to be honest, but we'll have to do our own shooting to pass a final judgement.

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Not all that is new is better. Remember the SD 810?

Correct ₹13990 for 4+64 further after HDFC 1000 instant Discount and HDFC 1000 Smartbuy cashback, I'll be getting it for around ₹11990

SD665 is bad

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