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  • Anonymous

Peter, 26 Jul 2020For god sake skip this phone. Why nobody is honest here, ph... moreThis phone costs same as Samsung A20s here, which is pathetic in every single way. Go buy that phone and tell us if it's better, SamyBoy.

This phone is "splash proof". It worked fine after being under water for more than a minute.
There aren't any phone in its price that are completely water proof, so stop spouting nonsense.

Its camera is way better than A50 & A51, which cost way more. Only phone with similar or slightly better camera than this phone in its price is Xiaomi Mi A3 in my country.
And you can install Gcam on it which makes its camera many times better.

  • Anonymous

Peter, 26 Jul 2020For god sake skip this phone. Why nobody is honest here, ph... moreLmfao its OS is worse than Samsung, Huawei?

You sound like a clown because literally entire Android community considers Samsung OS to be WORST!

Realme OS is much better than Huawei's with less bloatwares, better battery timing and performance.
It seems if you can't adapt to something, you just call it bad.

  • Anonymous

Peter, 26 Jul 2020For god sake skip this phone. Why nobody is honest here, ph... moreUh... Is this supposed to be a joke?

You seriously compared a lower midrange phone with Samsung S20 Ultra?
Why don't you tell us which phone would be better to buy in its price instead?

I've seen this phone being dropped from 6 feet, 6 times and it didn't crack. Maybe you need to stop buying SamShit if their built quality sucks so much.
Go for OnePlus, Pixel, Huawei or iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Qasai, 02 Aug 2020And how are the viewing angels? Viewing angles are good. Best IPS panel display in this price.

  • Qasai

Sami98, 16 Mar 2020It's been 10 days since I bought this phone but I must say ... moreAnd how are the viewing angels?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 26 Jul 2020For god sake skip this phone. Why nobody is honest here, ph... moreDon't comment negative about this phone. I've been using this for 6 months & It's totally awesome. Value for money in this praice range. & This phone is not for you buddy. Thanks!

  • Peter

For god sake skip this phone. Why nobody is honest here, phone is total lame... It was cheap, I needed temporary replacement until I get preordered samsung ultra as my main driver got drowned. What a mistake for giving 200 eu for this phone ! My fault. Here are my reasons, I hope they help someone avoid my mistake.

- camera is horror, better no camera than this. over-processing destoryes all details even on daylight. I can't recognize face of my kid when I zoom in.

- Camera is only for scanning bills and basic basic photography during daytime.

- Chrome browser that's built in crashes or gets stuck for minutes if there are plenty adverts and small movies on the page that you browse.

- No water proofing whatsoever, 3 years old phones have IP57, this one has none.

- Screen is raised from the body for 2mm, it's just screaming to be broken on the first fall.

- It's heavy and it has no features that weight, why is it heavy ??

- OS is worse than samsung huawei apple, worse than stock android. get a launcher.

- doesn't recognize my old USB headphones (so my noise canceling don't work), and these even work on HTC that is 5 years old. My god how is this possible ?

Preimium phones are expensive but if you keep them alive for 3 years they pay off and you have great photos during these years, fast browsing all night and day. Any premium phone that's years old is better than this, try huawei p30 pro or any samsung with telescope lenses, honor, anything but not this.

Positive things: dual sim + SD card (like many samsungs). Audio jack.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2020basically the person who has bought realme 5 pro will never... moreObsession with night modes is just a trend, which will soon pass. No one uses Night-sight normally.

Though, I can agree that back camera of Realme 3 Pro is one of the best in price tag. Even without Gcam.

  • Anonymous

basically the person who has bought realme 5 pro will never complain about its phone he will never say that will be 3 pro is the best but for me I have use both of the phones and I have to say realme 3 pro is for better than realme 5 pro specially in gcam quality night mode is better than daytime pictures

  • jemz

sof, 16 Jul 2020does this have autocall recording built in with the phone?ofcourse, you can set it on/off while you want to call some one

  • Anonymous

Realme 5 pro is perfect device i recommend android 10👌

  • Twinkie

Did anyone compare Realme 5 Pro vs Huawei p30 lite?
It seems Realme 5 pro has better camera based on various tests i've seen... but it is much heavier phone and that bothers me. How about updates with Realme and it's OS?

  • sof

does this have autocall recording built in with the phone?

  • Ariful Alam Prince

Nan023, 09 Jul 2020dont update.. im happy with my phone before the update and ... moreIt's better to update your system brother.bcz they will solve the prblms..after the update,the battery backup is slightly reducd but not for some battery optimization is better for pubg ,YouTube. camera has some noise.they will fix it soon I hope.

  • muttal

taimoor, 27 Jun 2020hi guys I want to buy new mobile but i am confused please h... morego for iphone se or 11, better than anything

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2020Anyone who have used both android 9 and android 10 in realm... moredont update.. im happy with my phone before the update and now its so hot and just i realized it had automatically updated. im thinking this is the cause.

whats happening.. my phone really gets hot.. this is not happening before. i think just updated to the latest without my knowing.

  • Olli

amna, 29 Jun 2020Are the lagging and battery problems too much after update ... moreHi, You can try the following and pls let me know if it worked... I am considering getting a Realme 5 Pro but heard about battery issues after update. So pls let me know how long battery works now...Someone posted this as a solution for battery drain issues in Realme 6:
There's a hidden menu for 'Adaptive Power Saving' on Realme UI (a.k.a Android 10) that can be used to fix fast battery drains. To open the hidden menu you need to install a 3rd party app called 'accubattery'.

When you run the app, it will ask you to Disable power saving mode for the 'accubattery' app. Do so, it automatically opens the hidden menu of adaptive power saving where you can Disable/Enable power saving for installed apps, including system apps. You must Enable power saving on those apps manually (a few system apps cannot be power saved).

RUI somehow Disabled the Android 10's native adaptive power saving by default and using Realme version of adaptive power saving (still buggy). Just reboot after enabling it, enjoy longer battery life!

  • Anonymous

usman, 29 Jun 2020can anyone guide me about which device to chose from realme... moreGo with Realme 5 Pro!

Snapdragon 712 vs Helio G85.
Realme 5 Pro is WAY more powerful than Redmi Note 9. And G85 has poor app optimisation atm so a lot of games/apps lag on it, including PUBG. Read its reviews.

10nm chipset vs 12nm chipset.
Realme 5 Pro has a 10nm chipset, which is more battery efficient & heats less than Redmi Note 9 12nm chipset.

Realme 5 Pro charges faster.

Realme 5 Pro camera is MUCH better than Redmi Note 9. It's not even a comparison! Redmi Note 9 has one of the worst cameras in its price, as you can see in Gsmarena review.

13MP selfie camera with f/2.3, 1/3.1 apertures means it's simply impossible for Redmi Note 9 selfie camera to capture even acceptable amount of detail. It also makes its camera extremely bad to use in low-medium light conditions.
Back camera is also poorly optimised.

usman, 29 Jun 2020can anyone guide me about which device to chose from realme... moreBro go for redmi note 9 pro bcz its has more powerful specs than it