Realme 5s

Realme 5s

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  • Alamgir

SK, 20 Nov 2019Does it have IR Bluster? Probably no.

  • A

harveyhans, 20 Nov 201910 watt charging on a 5000 mAh battery wtf and it's not eve... moreConsider the price brio

  • Anonymous

Please launch any phone without notch and popup selfie camera. Meizu is the only brand that lunched few phones without notch.

  • Anonymous

SK, 20 Nov 2019Does it have IR Bluster? No

  • SK

Does it have IR Bluster?

164.4 mm tall...

10 watt charging on a 5000 mAh battery wtf and it's not even using USB type-c

perfect chip big allrounder

  • dishonored

Odih4sure, 18 Nov 2019Poor specs.poor specs ??
what do you want for a 130 euro ? usb C 3.1 + Fhd+ screen + 8 gb ram + SD 855 ?
samsung and huawei offer less specs for 80 euro more then these one

  • Anonymous

hope they'll sell it here in PH this coming dec.

This is a phone for people who care more on battery, rather than gaming.

  • Anonymous

Not for hardcore gamers, SoC fast enough and acceptable for simple games. Battery size most important. I would buy this.

  • Odih4sure

Poor specs.

  • Amit

Does it come with an IR blaster?

I. Hate. This. Resolution.

  • Anonymous

If It Really Comes Out Without FHD+,Type C Usb,15W+ Fast Charging, Android 10 And Stock-like ColourOS 7,Then I'm Outta Here.Will Wait For Others Then.

are you sure that it will come with android 10? or is it one of the things you can't confirm before the launch

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Only way this would been better would been the SD710 or SD730, other than that its a neat phone. :3

There were rumors that this phone will come with Full HD Display (1080p) but it look like 720p which is not good