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  • Mang ernie

Is 1 tb memory card compatible on realme 6i Philippines?

  • ReGiS

does the 6i work on a 5g network?

  • Xouixio

Please guys your feedback about the selfie camera

Hi, are you using the case that comes with the phone? I use the case that came with the phone and I never have a problem. I actually don't need to remove the case to charge.

  • ferns

Why sometimes did not charge if he have a case but if when my realme 6i remove my case its charging. Another question is Realme 6i have better performance or no upgraded. It's realme 6i is total shutdown or not?

  • brandyofvodka

Wereweeb, 22 Feb 2021Bullshit, through and through. I have SD 660 and can't... moreif you have a snapdragon 660 with 1080p screen resolution that wont work with genshin. its unplayable. i have used this phone for a few months now.have no issues playing games in 720p resolution.

just make sure you have stable internet connection and if your fine playing with 720p resolution, this phone will do the job.

  • Buggieman

This is not recommended if you play real-time games or online games such as ML, Codm, etc. Shame I thought realme will boost performance when playing games but ain't.

  • Basit Ali

When Android 11 will be available on realme 6i 4gb ram 128gb rom.

  • foodcathy

I use sandisk 1tb microsd card in Realme 6i. It's sure. It's really. You can use other < 1tb micro sd card.

  • Anonymous

foodcathy, 15 Jun 2021I use 1tb sandisk sdcard. It's ok .Don't joke here... he's seriously asking.. 1tb micro sd Card costs more than the phone itself😂

  • foodcathy

I use 1tb sandisk sdcard. It's ok .

  • debo

what is the maximum sd card size that i can insert?

Chan, 25 May 2021Should I buy Realme 6i? This phone is currently price $126 ... moresorry for late reply but
for that price thats a good deal
but if you have $200 then get the redmi note 10 4/128gb

  • DaneX

Been using since it came out. Quite powerful for gaming and pc companion device.

  • Chan

Should I buy Realme 6i? This phone is currently price $126 for 4GB/128GB in my country. If you are using this phone, please tell me whether it is a good phone or not.

  • Anonymous

Yu , 22 Feb 2021Then which phone is the best gaming phone on redmi note 9 a... more6i dude

  • RSS

Will there be android 11 for it??

  • francisclydemagno

hi good afternoon i have issue of my phone it's been corruted.. what shall i do ? my phone is realme 6i? please give me information'

  • Anonymous

Yu , 22 Feb 2021Then which phone is the best gaming phone on redmi note 9 a... morerealmi 6i for sure

  • stb

Better for gaming. The gyro accurate and no delay but the stuttering for PUBG hmm..I use this as a daily use. For budget phone I can't say much if anyone planning to use as gaming phone. Mobile Legends Bang Bang also good for this phone