Realme 6i (India)

Realme 6i (India)

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  • paulievee

Alphamale, 04 Aug 2020Dont buy it broWell this phone work in North America? Mediatek 90 chip and and a 90 HZ refresh rate display for $190 on eBay can I go wrong?

  • Pravin

How abt the ringtone and loudspeaker sound. in my old pone when call comes i wont be hearing the ringtone at all so pls confirm me this. Thanks

  • Anonymous

it would have made more sense if they made it with a smaller screen like 6 inch so bored with same big fat and ugly design, realme should release atleast one device that fit in our hands

gurukiran, 21 Aug 2020realme 6i with the Mediatek helio G90T processor is amaong ... moretotally agreed, nobody could've expected the stripped down variant of the realme 6 to be powered by mediatek G90T

  • Vasi

Good phone at this price range

  • AnonD-952583

Only camera is different otherwise it is same as realme 6

realme 6i with the Mediatek helio G90T processor is amaong the best deals of this year at 13k

SamsungOrNothing, 28 Jul 2020Samsung has many phones in this price range with sAMOLED FH... moreYeah but samsung came with trash chipset

  • Alphamale

Picker , 30 Jul 2020Been watching few videos on YouTube this phone Crosses 50° ... moreDont buy it bro

  • Mike

Realme should have released it with small screen 5.9 to 6...tired of same ugly big phones

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2020The only reason why I can't go for the realme phones i... moreif you havent know, actually Realme has some line up using oled screen: realme x series (xt , x , x2, x3 and so on) using amoled.

But if you expect Amoled ontop of G90T or any medium soc + big battery + gorilla glass + useful feature UI + a working quad camera ....for $200 or less, maybe second hand phone will help you

  • Picker

Been watching few videos on YouTube this phone Crosses 50° after 20 minutes of gameplay . as I am a chain gamer is it good for me ?????? Help here plz

Those guys who're mentioning Samsung's OLED's, may I ask you which Samsung gives this much performance in even double the cash?
Do you know what Samsung gives in around double the cash? Well, its A31, having a mediatek P65, yes, it struggles to touch even 1.6L in Antutu. (compare it to around 2.8L of this G90T chipset)

This phone is good for premium gaming for cheaper (if it doesn't heat as hell).

You can't have it all... Samsung has its own merits, this one its own.

And I'm one such guy who went from Nokia AMOLED to common LCD's, its not preferable, but not a deal breaker either.

mama, 24 Jul 2020its 20W charger in the box..whats the use of this cost cuttingMy realme 3 pro came with 20w and it's pretty good.\ 30w is good for 5-6000 mahbattery but overkill for this phone

ASD For Life, 26 Jul 2020If you want amoled increse your budgetSamsung has many phones in this price range with sAMOLED FHD+ panel.

- Samsung is providing sAMOLED FHD+ display in same price. Realme should seriously try to introduce OLED panel in under 15k range! Anyone who has ever used an Amoled panel cannot go back to IPS, no matter what.
- 20w charger is more than enough for this small battery. 30w is overkill
- G90T is more or less comparable with 720G (except battery life, which is worse than 720g)
- Introducing 90Hz in under 15k segment is a bold and good move by realme. 90Hz improve the overall user experience considerably.
- Gorilla glass 3 in 2020 is disappointing.
- Display is smaller than Poco m2pro.
- Price 13,000... Spot on. Better vfm compared to Poco M2 Pro.

  • AnonD-937790

mama, 24 Jul 2020its 20W charger in the box..whats the use of this cost cuttingThe 20 watt charger in the box is decent enough to charge the phone. 30 watt charges the phone approximately in an hour but the 20 watt charger which realme has provided inside the box takes one hour fifteen minutes to charge....

  • AnonD-937790

SK, 25 Jul 2020Why realme/xiomi/oppo Vivo launch so many phone without amo... moreThere is Realme X2 with OLED display and some specs which you have mentioned....

  • Neomann

I think the expected price should have been EU200+, otherwise cpu should drop to G80 with the price around EU180.

  • Reyansh M

I love the features integrated with the Realme 6i. Strong Mediatek gaming processor along with a 90Hz resfresh rate and a decent battery.