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  • akioh
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  • 14 Apr 2024

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2024You didn't receive it new because it was released in 2... moreyes, true, but after factory reset, it should be the same

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    • Anonymous
    • 8x%
    • 21 Mar 2024

    akioh, 08 Mar 2024I just got this phone. The navigation buttons are not worki... moreYou didn't receive it new because it was released in 2020 and you have it until 2024 😂

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      • akioh
      • xIn
      • 08 Mar 2024

      I just got this phone. The navigation buttons are not working. I tried to factory reset the phone but the issue is still the same. This phone is full of bugs

        I have RMX2151 version and it has 64 mp main camera. I wonder why it's mentioned 48 mp in specs. Realme 7 great budget phone, I love it. Plus, I got 394.748 antutu score (v10). Although there is 291k in specs. Brilliant!

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          • AnonD-1003792
          • 3ZK
          • 02 Dec 2023

          Here we go, another update on my Realme 7, now after 3 years of usage.
          - Stuck on Android 12 (I don't mind it that much, 99% of apps are still compatible).
          - The cameras are really showing their age now, only post-editing can make the photos look reasonable.
          - The performance has been really good, surprisingly enough. I don't even remember the last time I had a UI frame drop. Everything would load faster on stronger phones obviously, but I never feel like the phone lacks in the performance department.
          - The battery life held up quite well too. I've noticed some degradation only in the past few months. Getting 10 hours SoT used to be quite easy, now I average about 9 hours (and 5 hours when I play games too much 😅)

          Now, if you want a phone with similar performance, you probably shouldn't buy this one nowadays, unless you find an incredibly good deal for it. Instead, try looking at midrangers released this year, chances are you're gonna find something great at a discount.

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            • Mick
            • snN
            • 25 Mar 2023

            Great phone.

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              • AnonD-1003792
              • 3ZK
              • 19 Mar 2023

              djoleSerbia, 11 Mar 2023Hello Realme 7 Global users, I wanted to share my experi... moreThe latest update I have is November 5, 2022 security patch. This phone is more than 2 years old at this point, which means it is likely not going to get any more updates. It should still be able to receive some security patches through Google Play though, since I received one on February 1st of this year.

                Hello Realme 7 Global users,

                I wanted to share my experience with the latest updates for the Realme 7 Global version. I have the 8/128GB version, but I haven't received any updates since December of last year. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and if there are any solutions available.

                I have checked for updates manually in the software update settings, but nothing appears to be available. I am concerned that my phone is not receiving the necessary security updates and improvements that come with the latest software version.

                If anyone has any information or advice on how to resolve this issue, please share it in the comments. I am also curious to know if anyone else with the Realme 7 Global version is experiencing the same problem.

                I appreciate any help or insights you can provide. Thank you in advance.

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                  • AnonD-1003792
                  • 3ZK
                  • 17 Feb 2023

                  Ricc, 13 Feb 2023Which country you set for update?I believe it was Netherlands or one of the other European countries.

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                    • Ricc
                    • 3pB
                    • 13 Feb 2023

                    AnonD-1003792, 07 Dec 2022I've had this phone for 2 years now. It's holding... moreWhich country you set for update?

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                      • AnonD-1003792
                      • 3ZK
                      • 07 Dec 2022

                      I've had this phone for 2 years now. It's holding up WAY better than I thought.
                      - It is currently on Android 12 (had to use a VPN) and on November 5, 2022 security patch. The overall software experience is very fluid and there is very little bloatware. The only bug I experienced is that Realme UI doesn't seem to like third-party launchers and the gestures can act a bit weird sometimes.
                      - The performance is good. I very rarely see any stutters and you can play most games on it. You can get away with Genshin Impact on low to medium settings, however it heats up very quickly.
                      - The battery life is the biggest surprise - the maximum capacity *might* have dropped a little bit, however it often feels like it's as good as day one. I can often get 10-11 hours Screen-on-time, 9 hours if I use it with more functions enabled (LTE, Hotspot etc.).
                      - The cameras did not age well. Outside photos are decent, but are way too over-sharpened. Indoor photos at evening are a blurry mess if you don't have proper lighting.
                      - What aged well is the back of the phone, it might be matte-like plastic, however it doesn't pick up any fingerprints and it still looks beautiful.

                      If you don't care much about cameras and you want a phone that just works and won't lag, I highly recommend it if you find it for a good price.

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                        • Shawn
                        • YUU
                        • 19 Nov 2022

                        Hi how to find vivid mode in realme 7 setting . I can't find . Thanks

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                          • Tuanis
                          • Pt9
                          • 25 Oct 2022

                          Videlecc, 19 Oct 2022I'ne got this phone in Poland in October 2022. No upgr... moreI have android 11 since October 2021 and security patch August 2022 and I expect android 12 that has already been released.
                          If you bought it from a carrier they block updates.

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                            • Videlecc
                            • BiP
                            • 19 Oct 2022

                            I'ne got this phone in Poland in October 2022. No upgrade for Android 10, security patch from July 2021 and in pair with Philips ear buds (these works fine with other phone) gives strange 'out of box' tembre for video sound, didn't check for call voice.

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                              • Tuanis
                              • Pt9
                              • 21 Sep 2022

                              I hope that it will update android 12, which will probably be the last one and thus fulfill the promise of 2 years of important updates

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                                • Ahmad
                                • gya
                                • 12 Feb 2022

                                i didn't receive android 11 in the middle east yet

                                what should i do to get ?

                                  Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022i have a realme 7 - RMX2151 i live in jordan i still di... moreWell you just need to wait some time. I got the android 11 update in like November... Check the software update section in the settings like once a week u can't do more about it

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Liu
                                    • 23 Jan 2022

                                    i have a realme 7 - RMX2151
                                    i live in jordan

                                    i still did not get android 11

                                    i have checked the OTA updates but non found

                                    how can i update my phone ?

                                      phoneyphone, 30 Dec 2021Can someone tell me if g95 is good enough for light gaming thanksYes it's very fast if you compare it to snapdragon 720g they both equally the same performance check this
                                      But if you planning to play games like PUBG I recommend phones from Xiaomi because this phone have limit performance in games like PUBG otherwise the phone is great check my comment review for this phone here

                                        JamesWebb, 08 Jan 2022why am not getting android 11 until now ?What version of Realme 7 are you using you really should got the android 11 because I got it last 3 month ago check from sitting if there in update