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Realme 7 (Asia)

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  • Budget buyer

realme 7 user, 17 Feb 2021most of the chines if not all softwares are not stable so... moreYou have the point men. I think a lot of comments that I've read are mostly bad news, because they want their midrange phone to be flagship levelπŸ˜‚. But we it can't. It's only 200-300 dollars, not 700-1k dollars. If people don't want any complains about the realme 7, then buy a flagship devices. And I'm sure there will be no problem in your daily driver. But if you can affoed itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Anonymous

Can someone suggest a phone with no touch delay. Im sick of this. πŸ˜‘

  • Anonymous

the software is not taking benefits from the hardware
lots of glitches
low brightness
don't recommend

Ashhad, 02 Apr 2021Multiple issues within one month of use. Keypad sometime... moreTyping letter but other alphabet appear it's called delay touchm I also experienced that, so I gave up using Realme 7.

  • Ashhad

Multiple issues within one month of use.

Keypad sometimes type letter other than the one you touch.
Charging takes longer.
Phone sometimes hang.
Applications sometimes terminated.

Don't buy this phone. Most ratings and reviews are fake. Not worth of being called the best phone in the segment. It costs Rs. 15000 and such problems are not expected at all.

I've been using this phone for a while now. Updated to the latest OTA March update.
Charging is fast (thanks to the 30W dirt charge), the 90Hz screen refresh rate is awesome, 1080P resolution for YT is great! its a good choice to get for those who will mainly use it for browsing, watching YT Vids, facebook and stuff.

This may seem bias as someone who upgraded from Realme 3, but I really like this one.
Especially when using it for games!

MLBB - All high settings, never experienced lag.
COD Mobile - Graphic settings is High, Frame rate is Very High (I wanted to set the Graphics to Very High but the frame rate goes down to High whenever I try. I like playing smoother instead of having a much higher graphics, so I went with this settings.) - No Lag at all. Feels great to get smooth Kills! LOL
Seven Deadly Sins 7DS - Medium only, Phone heats up quickly with the highest settings. So I went with this settings. No Lag of course.
Genshin Impact - Medium setting is the default settings with 30fps, since it was the suggested settings, so I went with this settings. I think most of the gamers know that this game is a graphic intensive one, so playing at Medium settings while being smooth is good enough, 60fps is playable too of course, but there is no need to go and pick those if you just want to enjoy the game, the game is plenty enjoyable even with this settings active.
But if you want a much higher graphics and much smoother gameplay, then choosing a flagship phone is the better choice.
Well, most of us took this phone cause our budget could only afford this one right? LOL

Overall, I have no complaints. I'll probably notice if there was anything that change after 6 months of use...

  • Anonymous

ive been using this phone for a while
honestly it dose not worth the price
lots of bugs
display quality is bad for the price range

  • Ishvinder

I purchased realme 7 on 11th feb 2021.
Not at all satisfied with its performance.
It's screen turned black on 12 March 2021. Git it repaired from service center on 15 march 2021.
Same problem again screen turned black on 22 march 2021.
My old asus max pro m2 is still performing better than realme 7.
Please don't waste ur money on realme phone's.

D. Leo, 21 Mar 2021the camera quality is so bad..charging battery also take m... moreMy Realme 7 didn't charge full until 3 hours. Even if the phone is being used for see incoming Facebook comment notifications, WhatsApp incoming notifications or Telegram incoming notifications, but if the phone just standby. Usually it takes fully charged for around 1,5 hours or little more. But I guess the bad scenario maybe took up 2 hours only. Not 3 hours.

But it maybe different story if your phone battery is in 5% for example, and you begin plug charger to your phone and you also keep using your phone for gaming for 5 hours nonstop for example.

D. Leo, 21 Mar 2021the camera quality is so bad..charging battery also take m... moreHow are you sure everyone else does not fomplain about charging it has a 30w one eveyone that uses it eoes not take 3 hours and the camera is ok not bad but it might be because you zoom in or you have a different model than this one.

  • D. Leo

the camera quality is so bad..charging battery also take more 3 hrs to full..already use this model for more than one month.first time buy this brand n absolutely gonna be the last time.srry for bad english coz it not my first languages.

Jason, 18 Mar 2021I have REALME 7 ( ASIA ) & POCO X3 NFC 6/128.... When... moreYes, I also noticed Realme 7 charger speed is faster than Poco X3 NFC. And yes, earpiece of Poco X3 NFC is louder than Realme 7.

Jason, 18 Mar 2021Mine also have delay touch issue A.75....when i removed the... moreMy Realme 7 was not fixed issue of delay touch. And I thought it doesn't related with the temper glass I applied. If the temper glass made the cause at that time, my phone should be delay touch every second.

  • Jason

NikiDroid, 22 Feb 2021I had sold my Realme 7 then I bought Poco X3 NFC.I have REALME 7 ( ASIA ) & POCO X3 NFC 6/128....
When it comes in

1. charging speed ( REALME 7 )
2. speaker & outdoor visibility ( POCO X3 NFC)
3. camera modes ( POCO X3 NFC )
4. Touch sensitive ( POCO X3 NFC )
5. battery life ( REALME 7)
6. signal reception ( REALME 7)
7. games modes ( POCO X3 NFC)
8. Call reception ( REALME 7 )

  • Jason

NikiDroid, 03 Mar 2021Poco X3 NFC is better. I bought it 2 weeks ago, no delay to... moreMine also have delay touch issue A.75....when i removed the 9D full tempered i use...delay touch issue i replace with other brand FULL TEMPERED 9D, very sensitive & responsive...

  • Sanjay

Realme 7 is best phone under mid range...i m using it ...
Initially there was some minor bug but after software update it was awesome ....i loved
these phone...

  • Stranger

Got this one and used few weeks, and phone was blasted and poor responds from service center

bess, 05 Mar 2021i have poco x3 nfc now and everything is ok its very goodNice. 😌

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2021nither of them are good lots of problems try onepluse nord... morei have poco x3 nfc now and everything is ok its very good

bess, 02 Mar 2021which better bro realme 7 or poco x3 nfc ? Poco X3 NFC is better. I bought it 2 weeks ago, no delay touch and no ghost touch.