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  • justsushi

mine don't have any radio fm and the camera not sony either...front camera suck when it facing light compare to realme 5

It is 15 days now, after A.75 version no new update info anymore.

  • Jason

NikiDroid, 12 Dec 2020Update: After almost 4 days using in software version A.71... moreSame as my realme 7....bugs are still present

  • Jason

NikiDroid, 16 Dec 2020Realme 7, average users get experience bug ghost touch (fix... moreDelay mostly when texting & reply to social kedia.. already updated to REALME2151_A.75....I did manual software update & format the phone... The delay touch is still there...realme send a link to fix this issue

Maths lover, 12 Jan 2021Yeah broo..i recieved realme 7 rmx_a_75 update 6 days ago. ... moreMine is still fine. I can use my phone more than 7 hours with condition the most I use is watching WhatsApp chats, reply message, seeing notification Facebook.

NikiDroid, 11 Jan 2021My phone is still baseband version RMX2151_11_A.75, 3 days ... moreYes, i feel same.
A lot of improved.

  • Maths lover

NikiDroid, 31 Dec 2020This night I have just received new software update, build ... moreYeah broo..i recieved realme 7 rmx_a_75 update 6 days ago. In these 6days,starting 3 days were gone alright but after using 3 days i slightly feel like my phone's battery is draining quickly..then i think its a little bug. But now a days its not a little bug its a strange problem: because before updating a.75, i usually run my phone atleast 9 to 10 hours, but in 3 days i unable to use my phone more than 5 to 6 hours..🥺
Soo please Realme developer's find its solution..!
So that you reach many customers

My phone is still baseband version RMX2151_11_A.75, 3 days ago I encountered delay touch and ghost touch together. The ghost is minimal, not as crazy as the first time when baseband version A.35.

Win, 09 Jan 2021Still the battery drained quicklyMmm. For me, I am fine. If the battery drain just 3 hours, then I will complain.

  • Win

NikiDroid, 31 Dec 2020This night I have just received new software update, build ... moreStill the battery drained quickly

IlhamDP, 05 Jan 2021How about ghost touch on large game such as pubgm? Because... moreI never try PUBG. Ghost touch is almost gone. I said almost because I noticed it is not 100% free of ghost touch issue. I installed A. 75 version 4,5 days ago and experience ghost touch, once in afternoon today. But the ghost touch was very little with a stop and go. I mean it is touched itself and stop then after around 1 second it went touch itself again. Minimal ghost touch issue happen. After activate lockscreen and open it again, the issue was gone.

NikiDroid, 04 Jan 2021Three days using the phone after install build number A.75 ... moreHow about ghost touch on large game such as pubgm?
Because i still on A.65 after i encounter a lot of ghost touch issue on when play big game like pubgm on A.71 so i did a factory reset to back on A.65

Three days using the phone after install build number A.75 software update, almost no problems I found. Only sometimes, the keyboard little typo when I was typing. Touch this character but it happens to other character.

RishiGuru, 01 Jan 2021Hmm.. that's true, Chinese manufacturers tends to laun... moreMade some typo mistakes on my previous post.

Honor 9X Pro (Global) variant comes with 6GB LPDDR4x RAM and not 4GB. Has 256GB UFS 2.1 internal storage, hybrid SIM card slot with option for memory expansion of upto 512GB. My 9X Pro is currently running dual SIM dual 4G VoLTE and I found call reception quality is better than both the Redmi K30/ Poco X2 & Redmi Note 9 Pro/ Poco M2 Pro.

After using both X2 & 9X Pro some more time side by side, I personally like the 9X Pro. Realme 7 & Poco M2 Pro pales in comparison so I excluded them. Don't get me wrong X2 has a great display, much better than M2 Pro & Realme 7, even @120Hz refresh but I hate its very intrusive dual punch hole design. In contrast 9X Pro seamless display with no cut-outs or punch holes is a welcome. In night the Honor is more kinder to eyes thanks to TUV Rheinland-certification for display.

X2 has the best front & rear cameras. Period. Then the rest are close call, pick and rate any on the 9X Pro, Realme 7 or M2 Pro as you like.

I played Asphlt 9 for 30 mins in all phones, and Honor came on top due to its superlative Kiris 810 SoC. It also remain coolest of the bunch thanks to the most advanced 7nm fab process used. Next is X2. Both Realme 7 & M2 Pro heats up is comparison for different reasons. The Realme & X2 both have copper heat pipes for SoC just like 9X Pro but still the Realme heats up a lot due to old 12nm process. M2 Pro does not have the heat pipe and is ment for casual gaming. Serious gamer should opt for 9X Pro followed by X2.

Now coming to the software side of the Honor 9X Pro. Day before yesterday I was not able to think of using a phone without Google eco-system. After using the 9X Pro for two days, I can safely say now I can. I have switched to Microsoft Eco system on 9X Pro and I trust it. My home PC runs Microsoft Windows. The Indian retail version still runs EMUI 9.1.1 on top of Android 9 with Nov, 2020 security patch. However EMUI to me is the best Android overlay that has come out of China, and it shows. Very mature UI, liquid smooth with a level of immediacy that can only be equaled by EMUI 10 on top of Android 10 currently running on my View 10. The latest Xiaomi's MIUI 12 over Android 10 on both X2 & M2 Pro are also very good and so is RealmeOS, but they lack a bit of finesse compared to EMUI and that immediacy feel while using their phones. Of-course the awesome K810 SoC plays a big part in this equation.

I side-loaded APKPure app store from CNET while using Huawei's AppGallery in tandem to download/ replace below apps:

a) Google Gmail -> Microsoft Outlook
b) Google Chrome -> Microsoft Edge
c) Google Keep -> Microsoft OneNote
d) Google Youtube -> Using Edge to view in Web mode. Any better suggestions?

In my PC I synced all my Chrome bookmarks to Edge and voila, it is now available on the Edge app on my 9X Pro thanks to its cloud eco-system just like Google. APKPure gave me the latest apps from Google Playstore. By now apart from Google own apps that requires GMS almost all other apps are now available for download Huawei's own AppGallery. Till now zero regrets in using a GMS un-certified Android OS over Honor 9x Pro. Let's see what holds in the future.

One should gun for it if he/ she have the understanding of installing apps from places other than Google Playstore.

Subhadeep, 01 Jan 2021Yes you are right. Look this chines phone making companies... moreHmm.. that's true, Chinese manufacturers tends to launch lot of models every month. This trend was first started by Huawei and its sub-brand Honor for mid to low end phones. Noe Redmi, Poco, Realme, Infinix, Techno have joined the scene. Vivo & Oppo included. Even OnePlus is coming down from its flagship killer status and launching mid-range phones.

Speaking of Honor, recently I have be blown to smithereens with Honor 9X Pro. I was launched in India on Feb, 2020 with an initial price of INR 18K ($240/€220). Recently the phone was selling dirt cheap due to stock clearance, hence picked one at INR 12.75K ($170/€156) brand new with card offers. The phone literally blew my mind and in my humble opinion even beats the benchmark Redmi K30/ Poco X2 in this price range. Phones like Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global)/ Poco M2 Pro or Realme 7 falls below it. I am saying all this after properly using all these phones.

Huawei knew they are going to face a hurricane without Google support (US trade ban), so they prepared for a double edged sword (Honor 9X Pro) with a level of construction quality, display quality, SoC, performance, storage size unheard in its price range. It is pity that many (previously, me included) did not realize its potential but those (now, me included) who did knows how great the phone is.

Honor nails it with their current price in India. I feel this is the best phone one can have under INR 15K ($200/€185). You get great built quality & looks, the awesome Kirin 810 SoC, 4GB LPDDR 4X RAM, amazing 256GB UFS 2.1 internal storage user expandable upto 512GB with memory card, USB Type-C, and that excellent no notch no gaping punch hole display. One should gun for it if he/ she have the understanding of installing apps from places other than Google Playstore.

Kirin 810 in 9X Pro beats the Kirin 970 (their 2018 flagship) in View 10 on performance charts. Period. It also soundly beats the SD720G @ M2 Pro and SD730G @ X2. Lets not compare the Mediateks as they are poorer in comparison. Now after using the 9X Pro, I do not have a speck of doubt K810 is the true mid-range processor king and has the ability to slay all its competitor SoCs and even many 2018 flagship SoCs like K970. Full marks to 9X Pro on performance ground.

9X Pro's display is right up there with K30/ X2 and leaves the Realme 7 and Note 9 Pro/ M2 Pro to dust. Both X2 @ 9X Pro have very color accurate displays, similar brightness, contract and blacks. At 60 Hz refresh rate 9X Pro display is better with no notch no gaping dual punch-hole. However X2 can do 120Hz so it comes down to personal preference. Do you want 120Hz & gaping punch hole of X2 or 60Hz notch less, hole less, seamless display of 9X Pro.

9X Pro have 4000mAh battery while K30/ X2 have 4500 mAh. Still 9X Pro pulls ahead in battery life mainly due to the ultra efficient K810 built upon 7nm fab process, same process on which Snapdragon 865+ is built. However the X2 was running @120Hz. The Mediatek G95 seems to arrive from stone age here with 12nm fab process.

Finally I found the construction and built quality is the best in 9X Pro among all mid-rangers. Personally, I like 9X Pro design more than others but this is subjective. The phone is very premium to look and hold in the shimmering "Phantom Purple" color. It is reassuring to find inner aluminum side frame running beneath the 9X Pro's infused color matching exterior plastic side frame. You can actually see the metal when removing the SIM tray and even through USB port, a rarity in mid-range category. With 9X Po, Honor have gone one level higher than its competitors and provided a stunning design and better built quality than my M2 Pro/ Note 9 Pro and even my friend's X2/ K30 & Realme 7.

  • Subhadeep

RishiGuru, 26 Dec 2020I am inline with your views. On the Indian context havi... moreYes you are right.
Look this chines phone making companies are more to business minded and launching eye catchy product regularly for marketing, they intentionally put bad software bugs with their OTA update to degrade the quality and forcing customers to buy new one. No mobile companies in this range provide a perfect phone (Even though they can but they don't). I had a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini pro (2011), I used that phone for 5 years, after that I sold that, Believe me that was a true quality phone, never disappoint me. Today's phone companies providing 4 cameras while other 3 cameras are totally gimmick, Nokia N73 has 3.2 Mp camera and Sony Ericsson k800i also the same, both can take better photos than Todays 64mp camera Smartphones, Because that time companies thinks about quality and now they think about quantity.

This night I have just received new software update, build number A.75.
Let's see if any problem occurs or not. I will share any problem appear from this update.

Till now, my build number software phone version is still A.71. No new update arrive.

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2020does realme7 good for gaming? or 7 pro?Good for gaming, but don't hope it will have smooth extreme for PUGB or other things.

Walter, 27 Dec 2020I've been using realme 7 for 22 days and I spot the is... moreMy phone doesn't experienced battery drain.