Realme 7 (Global)

Realme 7 (Global)

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  • user realme7

poor sound from mic
also lots of softwares glitches and freezes

  • Sham88

I've been using this phone for 2 months
it cant handel multi tasking well
low screen brightness
bugs in software
not smooth

good battery and charging
good phone signal

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021bad quality screen for the price and low brightnessThis is an absolute lie! Did you hold this model in your hands at all ???

  • Anonymous

bad quality screen for the price and low brightness

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021lots of bugs not true stop spread lies

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2021Wdym bad software? lots of bugs

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021good hardware bad software dont buy Wdym bad software?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Does anyone know a fully working app that Record calls?? ARC cube record

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2021Question to this phone users: Do you recommend it? Have be... moregood hardware bad software
dont buy

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know a fully working app that Record calls??

  • Anonymous

Question to this phone users:
Do you recommend it? Have been most of the reported problems solved? Or not yet?
I'm considering this model, but I'm afraid of the so many unfixed problems, and also hope Realme isn't doing like Xiaomi pushing bad updates that downgrade their phones performance on purpose?
BTW, it's priced the same as the Redmi note 9S 64gb model in my country.

  • Oliver Smith

This is a decent smartphone with a solid mediatek processor

MIKE , 27 Feb 2021you can always download radio appI was looking for an application for offline radio but I couldn't find it. There are only applications for online radio. Do you have any application?

  • MIKE

Paul1963, 04 Feb 2021Is there a FM Radio? The specification of the phone says th... moreyou can always download radio app

  • Greekhunter

OhNom, 15 Feb 2021where did you buy it for that price? I can't find it f... moreIts price in Greece was 190 euro when i bought it....Now for a reason its price is 199 euro officially with 3 year guarantee... And from on line stores arround 175 euro but with 1 or 2 years guarantee..

  • inquiry2021

can any one tell me how can we remove the discover page completely ?

i was able to disable the content but not the whole page

  • Anonymous

Screen, viewing angles, brightness and overall screen quality is ten light years better then Redmi note 9 pro, amazing how fast and good phone for price of about 170 eur

greekhunter, 07 Feb 2021I bought this phone for 190 euro. it's the global ve... morewhere did you buy it for that price? I can't find it for less than $ 220, I'm interested in buying it

  • re99

In Mexico's version, it have Sony 64 Mpx version

  • greekhunter

I bought this phone for 190 euro. it's the global version 6/64. I think it's the best u can get with these money. It's smooth and its OS it's something between vanila android and miui but without any added apps.The phone has build in radio but in europe according the european law the fm radio has been removed after the last update.But for sure the phone has an Fm radio transistor inside.I have to admit that at beginning i had some doubts about mediatek G95T knowing that generally mediatek has issues with temperatures and updates and the management of battery power.I had already the redmi note 8T and i was not that satisfied esp with the battery life and some bugs thephone had.Well my experience with this phone till now is perfect . The phone has never got warm its smooth the battery life lasts 2 days with my use and maybe it can go 3 if i off the data and wifi which remain on all the time.Gharging time from 20% to 100% its about an hour more or less.The charger comes with the phone is 30 watt maximum and not 65 watt . In one month and half it got 2 updates . The screen even ips lcd is bright and i haven't faced any problems with the phone under the sun. The camera is very good during the day and in open field but fair when the intense of the light is geting down and u use it in is just ok . Anyway we r talking for a phone which its price is under 200 euro.I really got surprised from mediatek G95T which is a bit faster than snapdragon 720 which is used on realme 7 pro.It has only one speaker but its quite loud. I hadnt faced any issues with vibration during the calll. The sound quality of calling is good but not the best .The overall build quality is very nice for a midrange phone. Personally I dont mind the plastic back cause i find it more practcal than glass and in some cases more durable. if i have to compare it with the xiaomi redmi note 8T which was my previous phone i can say that this one is better . Doesnt look so premium as redmi note 8T but generally its faster and works much smoother and the battery life is great. So don't have the 12nm as a deal breaker for the phon. Realy it worths even the last penny of the money u will give to buy it . I totally recommend this phone for the people who want to play decent their games to have aphone that runs smoothy with a good screen an average totally cam and a loud speaker but with fair quality!! Dont forget u buy this phone with less than 200 euro .