Realme 7 (Global)

Realme 7 (Global)

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  • Anonymous

in action there is no difterence btw 48Mp & 64Mp when we talk about ordinary midrange phones

so no difternce btw Realme 7 global & asia version

AhmedHNY, 07 Oct 2020Why did realme make two versions of this phone? The asia... morebetter than samsung does at least

Why did realme make two versions of this phone?

The asian version has a better main camera sensor while this one has a worse sensor

Tbh Idk if the camera sensor will make a huge difference but still i don't like when a company release the same phone twice but with different specs

  • Anonymous

Ahmad , 07 Oct 2020what is this?It's Realme 7 for global market outside China, India and South East Asia.

I was planning to buy this phone but
12nm again

  • Asif

Totally rediculous

  • Realme lover

Now l am become mad by seeing realme phone naming and specs.

  • Ahmad

what is this?