Realme 7 5G

Realme 7 5G

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  • Anonymous

Zasd, 06 Apr 2021Does anyone know if the NFC chip supports Mifare Classic 1K... moreGo to Realme Global page
Realme page that belong to ur local area that where u live

contact them by E-MAIL

  • Zasd

Does anyone know if the NFC chip supports Mifare Classic 1K cards? There is a bus application in my country that I use a lot to recharge my bus card, and these cards have this specific technology.

  • Adam

When do we get Realme UI 2.0?

Excellent cost-benefit

  • Pelangi

Where is the stereo speakers and infrared?

I have this phone. the cons still apply. and i found that 256gig samsung evo xc cards dont work.

  • kurnia

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021I hesitate between this one, the Oppo Reno Pro 5G and the S... moreWhere can u buy Oppo for 300 Euro?

  • Anonymous

I hesitate between this one, the Oppo Reno Pro 5G and the Samsung A51 5G. I am only interested in the photo/video quality, especially the selfies videos.
Can anyone help me choose ? Knowing that I can have the Oppo for 300€.

  • AnoM

Duderino, 11 Feb 2021Absolute BEST phone for the price. Also NO PWM dimming AND ... moreYes, but the pricing is different, almost $100 more expensive than X3.
For this price point, I would top up another $100 and get Mi10T instead.

does someone know about when is the realme ui 2.0 early access for this device? I yet to see people talk about this model. Since this is released few months ago, it should get the early access along with the pro and other 7 series.. I am going to be sad if realme ignores this model :(

  • Ashira

Been using the phone for a few days, overall a good quality and great performance based on the price.

However, there are some issues regarding the phone. The one I noticed is touch delay when gaming. I played a lot of rhythm games on my old Mi A1 without any touch issues. With this phone, the touch response is abysmal. Most taps on the song note delays with the touch and sometimes fails to register. Moreover, the audio itself is out of sync with the song notes when playing.

I've already updated the phone to the latest firmware and increase the pointer speed for faster touch response, but still the problem persists. Guess I have to wait for the next firmware update by Realme.

  • joshua

The phone didn't came with the Hebrew language, can anyone advise, if he has Hebrew in his rom, for example the eu veriant ?

  • dnoizeshakerz

I have used this phone for a few days and I am impressed. This is coming from a guy that was using Snapdragon 845 and 855 before. Impressed with the performance, screen, and the price it came with

  • Duderino

Absolute BEST phone for the price. Also NO PWM dimming AND 120HZ high quality IPS!!! Much more fluid than X3 and Mi 10T Lite. Realme is awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

I would have bought this problem, not at the Asian vendor. They are not available as if they were trying to sell cellphones. It depends on the seller what to sell.

  • Saat

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2021this phone without NFC 60$ LESS moreThat is only chinese version
And don't have google

Only chinese version of xioami phones worthed bcuz have many more features than global version (actually I don't advice xioami phones bcuz you have big Injustice in that phones)

But in bbk companies only google is different between Chinese and global version

We european can't use chinese version of phones

  • mimi

YUKI93, 13 Jan 2021I am definitely aware that there are many smartphones out t... moreI wanna ask , will this phone get android 11 update? because I am currently using this phone and I have seen the list of realme phones getting the update but I couldn't find this model in the website.. TT

  • Anonymous

this phone without NFC
60$ LESS

REALME Q2...4/128....186$>>>>1199yuan

  • Jay

Jam, 07 Feb 2021it ranges up to 14K - 15K, I already have one and it works ... moreThanks mate. I wonder why the person i spoke from Realme Shop is not aware that it is already out in ph.

  • Saat

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2021Performance wise, it's a little better than Poco X3. ... moreHave you all phones you comment in gsmarena or only share of your videos watched?