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  • ahu


  • Anonymous

Build Build, 17 Jun 2021plastic frame, plastic back and its overpriced. TF. But it's well built I've had one since April it's rock solid. Actually I won the Realme 8 Pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021Yesterday rain caught me off guard and my A52 was on my bic... morewhat if u live in an area that no rain in there or in the minimum mode 😂

why u pay more than 310$_350$ for this model...a52 with cheap lastic body

while MI 10T already exist with this price

don't waste ur money for 8 pro just bcuz of 108Mp...just like note 10 Pro with sd732g

just go for Mi 10T 6/128....sd865...144Hz

  • Anonymous

Yesterday rain caught me off guard and my A52 was on my bicycle all wet but was like brand new!!

  • Anonymous

128gb 8gb ram cost 50 euros less than Samsung A52 128gb 6gb, but I chose A52, because OIS, IP67 and software updates.

  • Build Build

plastic frame, plastic back and its overpriced. TF.

  • Anonymous

Reality2021, 14 Jun 2021While Playing pubg there's a slight touch problem. you... morehow much u paid for this one

instead of buying this

u must buying Mi 10T

bcuz now both have very close or even equal price
Mi 10T now even selling for 350$ 6/128
no touch problem
144Hz its made for gaming purpose while this one doesn't have any refresh rate
sd865 so far so much better than very low-end chipset like sd720
just sell it

While Playing pubg there's a slight touch problem. you will feel that sometimes touch did not respond for a few seconds .. but not always noticeable. But during team fight or at close range if this happens its very annoying.

  • Meet

Snapdragon without APTX codec ??? this is the only thing that preventing me from buying

  • Anonymous

Dana jamal, 03 Jun 2021I think realme 8 is much better than realme 8 pro. Try to ... moreNo it isn't I recently won a Realme 8 Pro and it's fantastic in most ways. Surprisingly great main camera and 3x lossless zoom, performance and battery life is excellent and quality of build is solid

Its been years but Realme is still using the same sd 720g eventhough they provided amoled display and better cameras...Do realise that people dont blindly go behind gimmicks. Its the reliability, warranty, quality of plastics/back panel and long lasting performance and battery life of the phone that people mainly look for while buying a phone(fast charging and timely updates also)

  • Dana jamal

Billy, 23 May 2021What a waste of money. Still 618 adreno? And 720G? Really ... moreI think realme 8 is much better than realme 8 pro.
Try to save your money and buy realme 8

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2021none of BBK phones have pre-installed Notification Led ligh... moreThere's Edge Lightning as this phone is running on Android 11, but some user on the Realme community forums claimed about the 7 Pro and 8 series' AMOLED displays being "RAMless".

  • Shayan

I'm just about to get this phone (as a gift) so don't bother commenting get xiaomi, i wanted to ask that till where should I update my phone, pretty sure that when I'll boot it, there will be an update, should I update it right away? Will it fix stuff or make it more worse?

  • Viki Pk

Anonymous, 21 May 2021No Ads around phones ????? or u see ads around the phoneNo ads

  • Viki Pk

Anonymous, 21 May 2021does rear camera really gives u better exprience VS other m... moreRear camera is outclass

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 May 2021Hi, Can anyone choose the best Mobile out of Redmi Note 1... moreRedmi Note 10 Pro is the clear winner here.

  • Anonymous

Uzair, 15 May 2021I want to ask that when you restart your device it will giv... moreI did but it already fixed with the latest update.

  • Szima

Xiaomi mi 11 lite 4g or Realme 8 pro for the camera and normal use and not for gaming?

On the downside, Google’s smart home dashboard and auto call recording are conspicuously missing.