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  • Anonymous

Jay1977efc, 13 Nov 2021Everybody save your money and buy a P20 Pro with 6gig RAM a... moreHuawei is king👑❤️

  • Potpot

I'm using Realme 8 Pro since Day 1. It's actually good but I noticed one thing. The display brightness turns down when opening apps like Facebook, Messenger and Chrome then turns up when switching to homescreen or other apps. My auto brightness is off by the way. It's weird and annoying and reported it to Realme since day 1 but not fix yet.

It's a good phone overall. 720g is good for casual use because it is optimized.

  • Believer1234567890

I personally don't know what's going on with Chinese phone makers. Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi and others. If you look at the hardware, no complaints at all, good CPU , ram memory, battery. And then it comes to the screen. 6.5 inches and 390ppi pixel density. With this resolution you can really see the pixels if you look closer! I'm not talking in this case to follow Sony with its Xperia and 4HD screen but it would be really sensible to put at least screen with 450ppi or a bit higher? I'd be first to buy one of mentioned but damn screen is something that keeps me away from it. Does it really cost that much? Better resolution screen? These phones are really cheap between £350 to £500. If making better screen would've added another £ 100 on the top people would still buy it!

is there any other way to find my stolen realme 8 pro, other than find my device?

  • rush never fake it

Why on god's green earth would anyone pay an extra 100+ eur for this over the vanilla 8... realme needs to get real

  • Hemanth

While using the camera the mobile is getting hanged this issue is getting worst 🙆

  • babak

Jay1977efc, 13 Nov 2021Everybody save your money and buy a P20 Pro with 6gig RAM a... morep20 pro is old. never receives more global update. and realme 8 pro has more advantages than p20 pro

Everybody save your money and buy a P20 Pro with 6gig RAM and 128gb ROM second hand, as long as it is in good condition, they are still better than most phones that come out these days...
Believe I have gone back to one from my galaxy note 10plus.
Huawei P20 Pro is amazing phone

  • Anonymous

A relative of mine actually had the phone in blue, I tried out the camera on the beach and somehow noticed that the colors are oversaturated

  • babak

Chaibens, 20 Sep 2021Hello, why my Realme 8 Pro doesn't have NFC? Wich regi... morei dont have nfc in iran too. think only european versions have

  • Sanjay Sharma

Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing !
Software is best, and very handy compact phone. Good oled display and camera.

  • Nick

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Phone problems, Realme has been using 720G again and Ag... moreSmartphone company used snapdragon because it doesn't heat like mediatek and battery optimization are so good

  • Lmao

dca, 08 Oct 2021Well, that's one thing you can change but it won'... moreLol..

  • Anonymous

Phone problems,

Realme has been using 720G again and Again
The only saving grace is the Charging speed, Main camera, thinness, AMOLED etc.
At this price point there are devices that stand out better and have better processors or optimizations for games

  • Enakshi

Excellent phone. Those who are going to purchase this phone, close your eyes and buy. I have used lots of phones in this range with higher specs, but all are buggy. this is so compact feels in hand and also light weight. A true long lasting phone.

  • Subha

A very good balanced phone under 20k. i don't know why No youtuber recommend this phone, they only focus on Redmi note 10 pro/max, but after few months MIUI shows its actual image. Realme UI is one of the best UI which will I preffer after stock UI. Very good Super Amoled display (Not required battery eater 120hz), excellent camera with very good software optimization and RAM management. i am very happy with my RM8P.

  • Anonymous

A21s, 31 Mar 2021yeah Samsung's are overpriced anyway, If I knew that X... moretry poco x3 pro or poco f3 its in the same league as redmi note 10pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021anyway new incoming REALME 9 PRO REALME 9 they must... moreForget it, it seems they won’t give the newer chipset, 5G chipset is more expensive than 4G, will you buy it if the price is higher?

Second this BBK group trio already ordered 720G chipset in ultra high quantity, consideering they knew that qualcomm won’t make any major update with its 4G 7xx series, 732G? Only expensive not much difference, 778G? Yes they ordered but for 5G only reno5 reno6 realme GT master, because 778G expensive than 732 or 720, need to wait for 1-2 years that 5G chipset is cheaper like 4G

And remember the Chipset shortage still unknown when its gone, and the bad news chipset price will go higher, like SD 678 is gone now and made redmi note 10 discontinued too early, BBK group is smart for keeping the 720G and other cpu series in bulk quantity rather than using updated chipset

tomas, 09 Sep 2021Hello, I have seen that the realme 8 pro has a lipo battery... moreAny branded charger should do. A simple 20W charger is good enough to not cause long term damage but the charger included in the box is the best one to use. The battery is huge so any degradation will be minor and the phone will still last you a full day of use.

  • dca

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021You can change keyboard layout through apps. Well, that's one thing you can change but it won't make the phone better regarding all the things I pointed out...

I feel dumb for finding too late about the Mi Note 10 which I should have bought instead of this piece of crap