Realme 9 in for review

Ivan, 12 May 2022

That was fast, the freshly-announced Realme 9 is now at HQ and we unboxed it for you.

This is the 4G version with a Snapdragon 680 chip, 108MP main camera, and 5,000mAh, which starts at €280 for the baseline 6/128GB trim and in our case comes in this very lovely Sunburst Gold.

Adherent to Realme's usual high standards, the Realme 9 comes well-supplied with a SIM tool, USB cable, 33W charger, and a case.

Realme 9 in for review

The phone has the distinct Realme design, shared by recent models with a mostly flat, all-display front, and a dazzling finish under the rear panel. The Sunburst Gold has a sand-dune or wrinkled silk effect if you'd pardon the imaginative leap. It tricks the eye that there's an uneven feel to the flat surface. What's more impressive is just how vivid the yellow of the rear panel becomes when hit straight on with light.

Realme 9 Realme 9
Realme 9

Specs-wise, the Realme 9 is an overachiever for its price tag. It brings a 6.4-inch AMOLED of 90Hz refresh rate, and three rear cameras, of which two are useful - the 108MP main shooter, and an 8MP ultrawide. The battery is a great-sized 5,000mAh pack, there's ample 128GB storage that can be further expanded through the microSD slot. There's a second SIM slot - what's not to like?

Realme 9 in for review

A nice little bonus of the Realme 9 design, the three lens barrels on the rear are visible through the frosted-glass-like surface of the camera island.

Realme 9 in for review

Anyway, it's busy times here at GSMArena HQ so be patient and we'll bring you all the review content you could wish for in the weeks to come.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

So damn true, and I'm glad at least Huawei(+ Honor) tried to experiment with such cool colours/finishes a few years back and then later BBK picked up the mantle from there. But I still prefer the either full unibody plastic (Lumia730,1020, etc...

  • Chaudhary

Plz suggest the company for gold colour also in all categories of mobile phones.

todays phone colors are like black, white, and blue. which is so boring and monotone

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