Realme announces new slogan, renewed focus on young customers

Yordan, 03 January 2024

Realme announced a change in its slogan, and it will be “Make it real”. The executive posted an open letter explaining how this year will bring a redefined brand standard across the Realme portfolio.

The company will transition from an “opportunity-oriented” to a “brand-oriented” approach, aiming to be a brand that resonates with young users.

Realme announces new slogan “Make it real”, new focus on young customers

Realme has been on the market for over five years, and it will not change direction, the letter read. The strategy transition will move from a trendy-based company to a more inclusive and expansive one with long-term investment and growth.

Sky Li also said the Realme logo will be optimized, whatever this means. Currently, it is the same as it was back in 2019, and we do not know whether the executive meant more streamlined use or a slight change in font or size.

The full letter was over 1,700 words long, and it was filled with so much marketing lingo without much substance, at one point we began questioning whether we were reading an AI-generated text. It can be found in full in the link below.



Reader comments

Sounds better though.

Which means most of their phones are currently meaningless too, probably.

their old slogan has no meaning either. maybe to something else. the year 2018 had its own leap day aka february 29. happens in every 4 years.

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