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Realme C12

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  • Anonymous

For sure realmec12 features are not quite good, im real disappointed with both cameras they really cut my mood, you should have at least improved the front main camera, it is13Mp but you can think it's 4or5mpxiel so sad, and even on FMradio no option to record .

  • Anonymous

how do you lock band?

  • Tanya

Lala, 06 Sep 2021I owned this phone a year now. And i didn't have any p... moreIt was okay, advice not to update to Android 11.

  • Anonymous

Colleague, 12 Sep 2021I owned this phone in 7 months. I didn't have any prob... moreDid you turn on the auto rotate option?

  • Colleague

I owned this phone in 7 months. I didn't have any problems before but after latest software update (Android 11), it started to have any problems. My problem is I can't rotate my phone I did everything to rotate my phone, I searched on youtube how to fix phone screen not rotaing in Realme c12 and I downloaded a app for screen rotation but sad to say nothing happened. I hope Realme you can fix this issue. Thank you!

  • Lala

I owned this phone a year now. And i didn't have any problems to it before, but after the latest software upgrades to Android 11, it started to have some problems. It lags all the time when i play games. And my storage is full now even though i barely have any apps... I wish realme could fix this issue. And my phone never overheat before after the update it started to heat up a lot when i play games. I'm saving a lot and won't be able to buy phone for another year, so i hope this will be fixed. 🥺

  • Balong

This phone really sucks, I thought realme phone is for gaming. But when you use it, month after the phone will start lagging. If I give a star ⭐ about this phone 1 to 5? I'll give it definitely (1)star

  • C12

The finger print is heating what should we do also the performance is not that good same as the camera but battery is nice for all day long but if u want to buy get the highest variant.

  • Anon

Hello hows the phone in terms of battery. My major use will be facebook or youtube. I am not a gaming guy. So what would you recommend. C12 or 9c

  • Gibabi

This phone is the worst... Very slow performance very bad camera and super heating issue.. even the brightness is soo dim. Worst phone ever bought for this price range

  • Aiai

Anonymous, 27 May 2021How many days did you use realme C12??????About 5 months

  • Hello

Dont buy this phone. Xtremely low performance

  • Mahesh

This one of the west and widest mobile don't bye weak proceer weak performance totaly 4000 rupess worth mobile west

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 May 2021How many days did you use realme C12??????Don't buy this fone's camera is worst!

  • Anonymous

Manisha, 16 Feb 2021It's really awesome I m already use this phone please buy itHow many days did you use realme C12??????

  • Anonymous

Faizan, 31 Jan 2021Please brothers give me your opinion is this phone is best ... moreIf you want social media like facebook and lack of budget you buy realme c12 has a good camera and easy to operate but if you have budget buy 6i for gaming every phone oppo or vivo have strength and weakness but realme is good also what is your prefer so you have an option

  • Abhay

This phone is really good .Helio G35 processor is good.And the most important thing is that this mobile battery.Very nice ,I love this phone

  • Anonymous

This phone is really good

  • Anonymous

In this mobile there is no working OTG slot why ?

  • BravoMike

Dont buy this phone Realme C12, these phone is not for gamers, its only uses social media like Facebook, Messenger, Line Twiters, Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, etcetera, etcetera. bugs after warranty on store expire. (Store warranty last only 30days, others 14 or 7days). Extra storage only work on media files not for apps. ( In short, you can not transfer apps on sdcard).