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Realme C15

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  • kausar

i decide to buy Realme C15 today considering my budget ,,BDT-12990 tk..have any alternate batter same budget...PLs reply .

  • Telepon Seluler

Long battery life, always getting system updates once a month, and good camera quality

  • Madhu

Cost wise good phone, camera nt a good quality, hanging problem

  • bonk

Trevoir, 04 Apr 2021Hi. I've been thinking about buying a phone with a bud... moreProbably Poco X3 Pro or Redmi Note 10 Pro

  • Anonymous

Trevoir, 04 Apr 2021Hi. I've been thinking about buying a phone with a bud... moreYou should check out Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 i think it just came out weeks ago, stereo speakers, amoled screen and 48mp camera and its affordable too

  • Trevoir

Hi. I've been thinking about buying a phone with a budget not more than 8k which has the 64 gb. Rom and high quality camera. So what should I buy ? Any suggestions?

  • Dania

I test the Realme C15 inside the water in just 1 minute. After I test it out, the speaker, camera, fingerprint and the charging port are great because Realme C15 features a splash resistance design, as well as the great battery life and quick charging. Realme is the best, bravo, Realme!

  • Anonymous

I just bought this phone few days ago. Interestingly, it is sometime cheaper than I thought. That day, the price is only rm550 with rm40 free gift which is makes me smile really wide! 😁

Anyway, I only choose neutral on (4gb ram/64 gb Rom). For gaming is okay, no problem lagging unless of I have connection problem. It's all smooth and loud speaker too. For the camera with 14mp was a bit 'meh' for me though. There's nothing to be excited about the camera. But Also okay. The fingerprint part was noice👍. It is recommended for students or someone with really low budget. For the rating, I'll give it 4.3/5

  • Anonymous

Me, 28 Feb 2021I'm really upset. The camera is not really good. I som... moreI also regret buying it. Wifi is slow. Only 2.4ghz. My iPhone clocks at 80 mbps download nad upload but the realme sometimes has a hard time connecting upload at 1mbpa or lower. Don't know what the problem is. Should have bought a dual band phone. 1 star

  • Anonymous

Lol, you gotta be kidding me😡 it has 6,000 mAh battery yet still consuming power even when not in use. Noticed it when I left it overnight at 70% not charging, and when I wake up to check, it has only 68%. Seriously? Just rather buy an honest 4,000 mAh battery phone next time. The camera also sucks, picture quality is really bad. Actually, 13mp is not really bad though, the picture quality is. You still need to zoom a little bit to get rid of that blurry quality.

  • Anonymous

Lol, you gotta be kidding me Realme😡 it has a huge 6,000 mAh battery capacity and still consuming power even when not in use? Seriously? Literally a big scam, just rather buy an honest 4,000 mAh phone next time. The performance and camera is also weak. Just wanna smash my Rlme C15 grrrr

  • L

Baka Kageyama Baka, 22 Feb 2021I think this is a great phone for students cuz I use it all... moreHow much Storage in GB does the game took

This phone is just bad
Because i have test it and sell it
It Has Slow Mo but Dark Af
Very High Noise On a bit dark area
Phone Heats up sometimes...

Buy Something better people!!!

  • Saqib

This phone is heavy in weight although battery life is considerable but like 4000 mah huawei phone, some times screen switch off during call and doesnt switches on untill call drop from other end, doesnt have an easy grip due to weight

  • Madhu

Battery backup good, price also good but camera was compare to other bad quality

  • Chillax

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021dun buy this phone as this phone doesn't support gensh... moreMaybe you bought a realme c15 clone that is why you can`t play genshin impact. qualcomm edition 4gb ram with 64gb storage no problem at all.

  • Me

I'm really upset. The camera is not really good. I sometimes have a problem with the Internet connection. It is slow that it takes a little bit long to become stable. The battery is ok. But I must say that I really regret buying this phone. I'm not in a good mood right now!

  • Anonymous

Sam, 30 Jan 2021Hi there Can u tell me about it's battery life. Can d... moreSure can bro!

  • Baka Kageyama Baka

I think this is a great phone for students cuz I use it all the time but I only charge it once every night. It's camera is okay for me because I don't really take a lot of pictures but when I do take them it turns out really good. I have used many and I mean MANY phones and I can say that this is a really good one. I can even play Genshin Impact which takes up 60 percent of my storage but it doesn't lag. So if you want to gift or buy this for someone or use it yourself I highly recommend.

  • walkman29

this unit is good for internet and camera mild games only..