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  • uT}
  • 25 Mar 2024

I owned this phone for 2 years. It has bad performance in gaming, but other than that, the phone works perfectly fine. I can drain the phone for 1-2days. Right now, this is my backup phone. I have a different main now. But still good phone.

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    • casper
    • KiW
    • 04 Mar 2024

    i bought it 4 years ago, still ok for browsing, but not for gaming
    cheap, but good phone

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      • Anonymous
      • XPj
      • 22 Dec 2023

      Nopal, 26 Nov 2023If you are indonesian and looking for 2milion rupiah,just s... morethis is a budget phone ya simpleton why turn it into a gaming extensive device? And also having a 32GB phone makes you laggy because of little storage.

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        • Nopal
        • 61A
        • 26 Nov 2023

        If you are indonesian and looking for 2milion rupiah,just stay away from this phone. this phone is only good for normal usage and not for gaming,the battery life is so bad after just 1year of using it and it's so laggy when the storage space is below 4gigs. if you're still using this phone like me and you're still using the android 10,just dont upgrade it to the android 11. it's laggy and glitchy as hell,and some of the android 10 features are just gone.

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          • Boyet
          • 7Xa
          • 18 Oct 2023

          This model is not capable of ESIM

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            • Musiime.Emmanuel
            • fuf
            • 17 Aug 2023

            I own this phone Realme C15. Everything is good apart from the front camera. Everything captured is reddish.

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              • Anonymous
              • I@a
              • 17 Jul 2023

              so far so good ...using this phones since launced...

                murtaza, 01 Dec 2022Is real me C15 worth to buy for normal usage? or recommend... moreThis is the best realme to own, but don't think they're still in the market currently

                  murtaza, 01 Dec 2022Is real me C15 worth to buy for normal usage? or recommend... moreYep it is, as long as your not into gaming, camera is acceptable

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                    • murtaza
                    • 6i$
                    • 01 Dec 2022

                    Is real me C15 worth to buy for normal usage?
                    or recommend any other phone in the range of 20k to 30k with feature of 64gb or 128 gb and ram should be more than 2

                      Anonymous, 11 Aug 2022After updating Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition some features ar... moreMy problem...i miss the old Android version.....some features are gone completely

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mFd
                        • 11 Aug 2022

                        Anonymous, 16 Jul 2022Can you please tell me that is realme c15 Qualcomm edition ... moreAfter updating Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition some features are gone. Can't roll back to Android 10.

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                          • KAUSAR
                          • P$I
                          • 01 Aug 2022

                          Absolutely Awesome in Suitable price,,, Charging Life Line best,,& versy first Charging but Camera not too much good ..

                          Overall i suggest to purchase this phone .

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 6p{
                            • 16 Jul 2022

                            sr777, 15 Feb 2022I use the Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition. It looks like some p... moreCan you please tell me that is realme c15 Qualcomm edition stills showing bugs and Ram managment problem after its latest realme ui 2.0 update?

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                              • UNKNOWN
                              • vaS
                              • 17 May 2022

                              its lagging i can't play perfectly 😭 but good i guess 🤕

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                                • Anonymous
                                • IbG
                                • 08 Apr 2022

                                Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021is updating to android 11 worth it?Yes.
                                Free OTA update to 11 is a nice perk
                                and keeps your phone fresh.
                                Plus, Security updates prevent
                                outside attack quotients.

                                I have talked with people who
                                do not have the 'Updates'
                                from their manufacturers.
                                Great aspect and wonderful perk.
                                A nice Corp. getting better over time.
                                User and purchase friendly.

                                I bet one day,
                                these perks will not be as plenteous.

                                Go for it Android 11 with Security Updates!

                                I believe people are way to critical
                                and are too spoiled!✅

                                Steady as she goes!! 🌈
                                (USA) 🇺🇸

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • IbG
                                  • 08 Apr 2022

                                  Musiime Emmanuel, 08 Nov 2021I recently bought this phone, second hand. I want to say it... moreGood Review.
                                  I agree.
                                  Stable, reliable/ not at ALL glitchy phone.
                                  I am impressed.
                                  Price is nice.
                                  Gets the job done!

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                                    • ganyulovr
                                    • tDQ
                                    • 28 Mar 2022

                                    if you finding for a realme phone under IDR 2.000.000, go find a cheaper phone with a much better specifications. why? first, the helio g35 in this phone is crap. slow, poorly optimized, and more. second, the realme ui 2.0/android 11 is a whole red flag to me. many annoying bugs everywhere, high ram usage, and slower animations than in android 10. fyi im using the 4GB/64GB and i've used this phone since nov 2020. having a realme is my biggest regret ever. ty and have a nice day

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                                      • Emana
                                      • fIQ
                                      • 28 Feb 2022

                                      One thing I like about this phone, the battery is great. It is only suitable for surfing the internet and connecting. But for gaming, no. But I play lol on this phone, it runs smoothly. If the camera, not bad but for video, erm.. but still good phone

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                                        • sr777
                                        • IWT
                                        • 27 Feb 2022

                                        This is the link to Qualcomm Snapdragon edition