Realme C21

Realme C21

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  • A
  • Abadonna
  • xjH
  • 30 Dec 2022

It has Android 11. You can correct the info.

    • J
    • Janjua
    • XWm
    • 28 Nov 2022

    Very very bad set .weak signals very low and bad wi-fi connectivity. Please don't purchase this set and save money

      • J
      • Junior
      • CDK
      • 25 Nov 2022

      Why does the phone lack fm radio?

        • k
        • kurayami
        • A{r
        • 04 Nov 2022

        The worst phone I've ever had.....
        I consider myself a conservative user and I know how to maximize my phone life and make it faster. but nothing works with this phone, I've almost deleted everything and it still hangs. there is like 2s delay when I open an app.
        used it for less than a year and now I gonna throw it away.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • SvB
          • 22 Oct 2022

          It actually has a battery temperature sensor. It also has OEM unlock... but the best part is it only has cost a few bucks with a prepaid card

            • z
            • zz
            • SvB
            • 30 Sep 2022

            NO fm radio.
            But it has nfc, luxmeter, gyro, camera with all manual mode (including manual focus and raw). No temp sensor, slow gps and kinda high 100mA consumption with lcd on. Good wifi sensitivity, overall not bad for the money... bad for the pocket.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Kgf
              • 13 Sep 2022

              Very badly
              Hang problem

                • A
                • Awais
                • uZa
                • 13 Sep 2022

                M using approximately 1 year ago very good phone but only one little bit pblm please solve it
                Catches the signal is very low

                  • J
                  • Jamie
                  • YQS
                  • 24 Aug 2022

                  Very bad phone.. after last updated phone is hanging badly please dont update the software and save yourself the trouble

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • LaK
                    • 15 Jun 2022

                    Anon, 01 Feb 2022...were you expecting flagship level performance on a sub-$... moreThey weren't comparing the phone

                      • M
                      • Mohd Danish
                      • U@k
                      • 03 Jun 2022

                      Very bad
                      Slow processer
                      Hang problem
                      Mike also work as hand free mod

                        • B
                        • Bilal24.k
                        • sUv
                        • 06 Apr 2022

                        RMC21, 03 Dec 2021Great Low End Device & Snappy. Ram Management Isn'... moreIt became smooth after March 2022 security patch. Android 11

                          • N
                          • Nt cha
                          • uCk
                          • 19 Mar 2022

                          Cannot open OTG even after switch was on in Setting, Network N internet

                            • A
                            • ANNOY
                            • uCk
                            • 19 Mar 2022

                            Cannot open OTG even after switch was on in Setting, Network N internet

                              • t
                              • truth
                              • uvc
                              • 12 Feb 2022

                              it was hanging out of box, don't buy

                                • A
                                • Abrar Ahmed
                                • PAm
                                • 01 Feb 2022

                                I am using realme c 21 3 32 and it is overall a good phone but it is hanging and camera colours are not good in sunlight it really changes the face and hair colour but the background is awesome please fix the camera colours problem and legging problem

                                  • A
                                  • Anon
                                  • RN5
                                  • 01 Feb 2022

                                  Shubham, 19 Jan 2022Really this is worst phone i ever have. Because it is alway... more...were you expecting flagship level performance on a sub-$200 device? You need to keep your expectations in check, you shouldn't compare this to phones above its price category

                                    • L
                                    • Leon.CZ
                                    • AZ1
                                    • 31 Jan 2022

                                    I have had this mobile phone for less than half a year and it's not really bad at all for its price. I play Standoff 2 on it, which is a performance challenging game and set everything up very low except but except for the quality of the game they play on the medium, it's otherwise a great game and it runs great on Realme C21. And new Android 11 is for me pretty good

                                      • S
                                      • Shubham
                                      • Dk7
                                      • 19 Jan 2022

                                      Really this is worst phone i ever have. Because it is always lagging and can't handle the phone because of lagginess in the UI. I am very disappoint with this phone and i never buy realme phone again. Don't buy this mobile.

                                        • S
                                        • Swapnil
                                        • g}w
                                        • 26 Dec 2021

                                        Very bad mobile