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  • David Harrison

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2021Realme actual made which country. I bought it from Banglad... moreRealme is a Chinese brand.

  • Karen

Vertu, 24 Sep 2021Nokia 3.4 looks better in specs and priceHello I have the Nokia 3.4 and it's absolutely trash .it is very slow and it couldn't turn on for a whole 30 minutes

  • Calvern

Need some advises. D phone seller feedbacked that realme c21 main board is not stable. Not advise to buy.
Can someone tell me more?

  • Anonymous

model rmx3201 manufactured by pakistan exert tech(private limited) is a orignal mobile.

  • Vertu

JesusSaves, 29 Aug 2021Nokia 3.4 or Realme C21Nokia 3.4 looks better in specs and price

  • JesusSaves

Nokia 3.4 or Realme C21

  • Anonymous

I don't have fm radio on this phone

  • Realme C21

Can you guys tell me how to turn off volte in this phone?I accidentally turn it by dialing *#*#4636#*#*

  • Rocky

The only things good about it is battery and haptics. Otherwise UI is extremely slow, laggy. Facebook video stutters while playing 360p by default. Wifi ping is unstable due to entry level SoC or software optimization. Heats a little bit. Not recommended.

Ozai, 29 Jun 2021can anyone tell me, does this phone support fm radio? how c... moreIt doesn't have FM radio

Realme C21 is the best phone in the price range of 9000 (64GB version). The following are the pros and cons of C21-
- It has 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM which is
- The screen is bright and readable in sunlight
- Fingerprint sensor is pretty fast and sensitive to mild touch
- All important sensors like gyroscope, compass, illumination, accelerometer, proxy meter is present. Most phones below 9000 skimp on either compass or gyroscope but C21 has all of them.
good enough for most applications including games
- It has 13MP camera with good video capture. Even the photo has decent amount of details
- The battery of 5000maH lasts easily for 2 days with moderate use. With minimal use, it an last for 4-5 days
- Its 2.4gHz wifi antenna is powerful and can receive signals farther than an iPhone 11
- It has USB OTG support and reverse charging of 1.3A. Most Android phones have OTG nowadays but with 1.3A current, it can write pendrives at very fast speeds compared to other phones that have lower OTG current
- It has powerful network receivers that can catch weak mobile tower signals, comparable to expensive phones
- The buttons are pretty responsive and remain responsive even with a back case
- Realme UI has many additional features like call recorder, screen recorder, snipping tool, app lock, one hand mode and dozens of other customisation over stock Android
- Face unlock is good and comparable to iPhone 11
- Screen guard (not tempered glass) comes attached to the new phone which is actually good and reasonably smooth and smudge resistant. So, no need to add a tempered glass.

- It lacks 5gHz wifi. Even cheaper phones at INR6000 have 5gHz wifi nowadays. However, its 2.4gHz wifi receiver has extra long range which makes up for this deficiency to some extent
- Camera takes photos with oversaturated colours. Though we can adjust the colour in Realme UI, it is annoying as each scene requires 3-4 minutes of time to manually set the colour scheme of the photos before capture if one wants to get original colour.
- The processor and GPU are weak for playing graphics intensive games like Asphalt. But medium graphics intensive games like COD mobile can run smoothly at 50-60FPS at low graphics settings
- The phone has no fast charge and charging time from 0-100 is about 135-140 minutes. However, it is minor inconvenience due to the huge battery that needs limited charging
- It has minor lags while switching applications sometimes though it is not a consistent problem
- The adaptive brightness is a bit annoying as it rrduces the screen brightness to unreadable levels when lights are off in the night. This is a software bug which needs to be updated so as to set minimum brightness levels needed for readability
- Gyroscope is less sensitive and hence playing FPS games with gyroscope will not be smooth.
- Speaker at the back is a problem as it muffles the sound when the phone is kept face-up on soft surface like sofa, bed. Even on hard surface, there is some muffling of sound.

Conclusion- The phone is a value for money phone which doesn't skimp on any useful feature or sensor. Though it can improve on its Camera and speaker position, it is pretty decent for a budget phone. Most other budget phone skimp on compass which causes a problem in navigation but C21 has no such issues. It has all the features needed for a casual user and should work perfectly well in most usage scenarios. The only compulsive reason to avoid this phone is when one intends to use high CPU/GPU intensive apps or intends to take accurate photographs

  • Nadsagoner

Even if Realme gave away this phone for FREE, people would still say 'what a trash phone' or 'Mediatek is garbage'. There is no pleasing some people!

  • Vijooy

Sound countrol sys so cheep

  • Waseem

AndroidUser85, 28 May 2021Why buy this at 25K PKR when Redmi 9C is available for 17K ... moreNow it is available @ PKR 19000

can anyone tell me, does this phone support fm radio? how can i access it? thanks

  • Anonymous

Realme C21, 14 Jun 2021It still good for its price.Q: Realme actual made which country. I bought it from Bangladesh. Manufacturer by Bangladesh written back of the box.. So im confused
A: Realme acutually from china but recently it joining the parts in bangladesh. This way they will face less tax. Price will be less.

It's cheap! So what if it's trash, also it's pretty good value

  • Steve tech

OfficialRVG, 13 Jun 2021Wdym? Mediatek Helio G35 is not even good at all.Are you one of those rich people who doesn't think about other people's financial situation?

  • Realme C21

OfficialRVG, 13 Jun 2021Wdym? Mediatek Helio G35 is not even good at all.It still good for its price.

  • Anonymous

Realme actual made which country. I bought it from Bangladesh. Manufacturer by Bangladesh written back of the box.. So im confused