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  • Patu

Although most of the features looks good, display of phone is not that much good.
When I bought this phone, its display is little yellowish colour. You will never able to see pure white colour in this phone. Even if night mode is off and screen temperature is selected as cool, this phone will always be yellowish. They have disabled blue light emission properly.

Think before buying. Your white colour will always look yellowish

  • Ading

Sdi62, 11 Sep 2021This is an amazing smartphone. Extremely smooth and reliab... moreYeah I have this phone it's not laggy very nice performance, camera, speaker, resolution, gaming performance, waterproof, quick charge, super long battery life, soft touch and so many others..... I think negative comment above they bought a fake 🤥🤥 phone every brand there's a fake hahhaha realme c25s is the best

  • FalCone

It's 2 months now I am using 4/64 version and this phone has a powerful hardware but software optimization is very bad, cause the phone is laggy most of the time message app don't show threads need to reopen the app again to view the threads and call app is also laggy while you need to open the dialer it takes approx 2 sec to show the keys.

These are general tasks the phone should not lag on this things at least, oppo a1k was fast enough in messaging and calls.
This phone software needs serious optimization and also on the box it is showing G85 and when I used Cpuz to chek the hardware it is telling me G80 is installed.

  • Angel

RC25s, 02 Dec 2021I can't feel the 6000mah batt. lmaoWhy?

  • erol

Redmi 9t is better than this, like it's 2021 and realme c25s is just using the emmc storage while the redmi 9t has a ufs storage, and Sd662 is more Reliable because of it's Better support and optimizations.

  • RC25s

I can't feel the 6000mah batt. lmao

  • Ange

Im gonna be honest with this one since i bought this phone 2 weeks ago. Overall, camera is okay when it comes to brightly places, but when its like low light ambience, it wasn't good at all. I tried playing genshin impact and tbh it was great for this kind of price, as long as the settings are on low, I've experienced lags or frame drop here and there occasionally but it doesn't affect much of your game. After the system update, phone kinda glitch sometimes. Problems in messenger (can't send a voice message or a video when you sent something big, you need to uninstall and install again) User interface starts to have minor errors too (like one time the bubble head in messenger kinda glitches out the screen and i have to restart the phone to remove it and stuff like that) THE BATTERY is freakkinggg good, it lasts a day tbh, playing genshin gets me like 6hrs or 5hrs of game time and it still won't die yet, i mean the battery. I suggest buying a 128gb for better storage capacity if you're the type of person who downloads too much apps. But camera tho huhuhu i don't like especially in night time or low light places, its horrible.

  • Zainnnnnnn

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2021Is camera is goodNot rlly.

  • Anonymous

Is camera is good

I love realme 6i or c25s phone!!!!
The best gaming ever....
Helio G80 or G85!!!!

  • Lin

I just received this smartphone few days.Good using,thank q realme!!

  • Anonymous

Zainnnnnnn, 10 Nov 2021 Design: 7/10 Performance (basic): 10/10 Performance (ga... moreWhats wronf with battery?

  • Zainnnnnnn

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021How about it's camera Sir? And what about at night, is... moreNot that good. It's only can take a basic picture. I'll give 6/10

  • Zainnnnnnn

Design: 7/10
Performance (basic): 10/10
Performance (gaming) 7/10
Camera: 6/10
Battery life: 10/10
Spare parts (like screen protector, casing, etc): 5/10 pretty hard to find
Fingerprint sensor: 10/10
Face unlock: 9/10
Android 11 performance: 10/10

  • The best

Please what will be your best choice betwin realme c25s with 4 gb ram and 128 gb strorage and realme 7i with 4 gb ram and 64 gb storage ?
They are available in my contry "ALGERIA" at the same price .
Thank you for your help .

  • Anonymous

Bagak, 02 Nov 2021Best phone realme c25s Budget phone Every month update av... moreHow about it's camera Sir? And what about at night, is it good?

Best phone realme c25s
Budget phone
Every month update available by realme
Sound quality is also best
No charging issue 6000mAh
Internet works best
2.5-3 hrs full charge
No heating issue use as much as you can
No need of 5g good for 4g
2 sim working good
Looks also awesome
Screen size is big and its good

All in one Realme C25S

can this phone run genshin impact at normal graphics?
because the phone of my cousin blackshark phone with 12gb ram can't run genshin impact on high graphics

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021That is true my friend I was a user now realme c25s and I f... moreNice 🙂👍👍👍👍🙂🙂 realme c 25s is good for gaming under 26999

  • shah naveed

dear please brief slow motion video result is better on not better. thank you