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  • Cherry

vereniccii , 21 Apr 2022the front cam is not good especially at night. but the main... moreCheck about phone tap 7 times kernel

  • GoodGamer

daryl pallay, 06 Apr 2022no long screen shot no game space and many more feature ... moreI also just bought it earlier and I notice features missing, especially gallery, file manager, and theme store.. It sure needs update

  • angrytorealmec25y

You better update this!!! I buy this on April 20 and when I used it in 10 minutes it will heat!!! and ugly features!!! The camera is suck especially in front camera and also at night!!!!! There's a lot of missing!!!! even theme store?!!!! You better upgrade this or surely I will definitely regret I bought this over my Vivo phone! Vivo is the best!

vereniccii , 21 Apr 2022the front cam is not good especially at night. but the main... moreif youre using facebook for watching videos, dont play the video at 720p. keep it 360p or lower to get less heat

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022Very poor Camera quality even on Instagram, am disappointed... moreDon't even bother use this for instagram, and other social medias like snapchat, tiktok etc. this phone was for a kid to learn how to use phones for a first time. just get an iphone if you want that smooth video, no frame dropping.

  • vereniccii

the front cam is not good especially at night. but the main cam is good and clear. the only problem im complaining to my phone is the heating issue. is it normal even if im just using facebook & messenger for about 10-20 mins and it's heating? am i the only one who's experiencing this?

  • Anonymous

Very poor Camera quality even on Instagram, am disappointed it's like I threw my money In a trash bin, Don't buy this phone

AnonD-1040453, 26 Feb 2022A descent phone, good for gaming, and I really love stock a... morethis? good for gaming? in your dreams.

  • St.R

This is an excelent phone for the price and not just just that, it is simply good
It's fast, well built and has good UI
I would recommend this to anyone with basic needs but
this phone actually far surpasses them

  • daryl pallay

no long screen shot
no game space
and many more feature missing ,we want you to update this phone

  • Jen

Please fixed this. ₱8000+ then it is like this???? Need more improvements!!!!! I don't want my money to be waste!!!!!!!!

Thatguy, 12 Mar 2022You can download your own galleryFrom where? Name of the gallery

How do you activate the Silent mode in realme c25 y?

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2022don't have gallery don't have file manager don... moreHave you found any solution or alternative applications?
Please do tell us

  • Anonymous

don't have gallery
don't have file manager
don't have more setting .
im very disappointed this phone
i dont like this
please realme improve this phone .

  • Mrs. Shayana Sohail

Will not recommend any one to purchase this phone as after the purchase of this phone within 3 days my phone stopped connecting to wifi camera stopped working and doesn't connect to Bluetooth
The store i purchased from ( Kohinoor andheriwest near fun republic)is helpless and knows nothing of what should I do
Worst phone ever

  • Unknown

Pls moderator, make this all opinions reach the realme company this was the idk really the worst decision I did make so please make sure that the reviews of this phone will reach the realme company

  • Unknown

Onanikeke, 16 Sep 2021Wtf, this exactly just rebrand from realme c21y with 50+2+2... moreFirst of all, I'm only salestalked. The moment when I checked it in my way home, ugh fucked up, THE DISPLAY FONTS, NO GALLERY, NO GAME SPACE there can be other good phones around there but hays my mother literally borrow some money just to buy me this phone, and I'm trying my best to be grateful and enjoy it, I hope that this will make you update realme idk just put the photos app and game space and the display just like any other realme cause we can't exchange it, only if it has factory defect 😩 thankyou realme

  • Jo Jo

50MP camera has problem, keep getting this error "CANNOT CONNECT TO CAMERA"

  • Thatguy

Nasir, 11 Mar 2022Don’t have photo galary Don’t have file manager Don'... moreYou can download your own gallery