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  • kert

after about 2 months of use the phone started to brake horribly but if you do a reset it works after another 2 months a problem appeared in the camera did not work but the phone was in perfect condition I tried to restart but when I turned it on there is a problem the phone keeps resetting I do not recommend this phone especially since it has problems with heating

  • Pony

So value for money phone

  • Aerin

I bought my c3 in june 3 2020 and it really good when i have my first smartphone owned really good in gaming but when it heats it slows like sht but now i just put android 11 ppui custom rom on it which is much better as daily driver and gaming, and just hate colorOS/realme ui because it has more bloatware and gallery by oppo just gets eating my storage

  • Expat

Just bought one here in Ecuador after having drowned a 3 year old Huawei in a mountain storm. Absolutely fantastic after a couple of days use. Lets see if it lasts.......

  • Pony

This device is amezing. So beautiful colour . Camera is nice .bettery back up so super . Torch light in night great .this category in the value for money phone .

  • Pony

So Amazing device

  • Pony

So beautiful phone . Bettery great . Display better . Camera so nice picture click . Torch is bright . MRP too good . That is a value for money phone .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2020We want Multi screen collaboration feature or honor magic l... morerealme tablets definitely have to happen

  • Pony

Photos takes 200 or 1 hour GPS bettery drain quickly but why . Only save 35 prevent . How much .

  • Realme is garbage

This phone sucks, after 1 month of use you'll start hanging,lagging etc. This phone in general does not belong to cheap affordable gaming phones that will last long. This is the definition of scam,your tech reviews and google spots won't help you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2020cause they don't want u to throw away ur USB yet. use ... moreHahaha. 🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

R3D, 12 Nov 2020For those who want to have it, i suggest you to buy Redmi 9... moreThese phones are not sold at the same price bro.

  • Anonymous

Why does when I turn my front camera the lighting is bad, like the lighting doesnt focus when I moved the lighting goes from light to dark or dark to whenever I moved eventhough my lighting is good.

  • randomGuy

Janpaul, 18 Dec 2020i have this phone and its laggy!!! its over hitting everytime!!i have no problem with overheating and lag.
have you restart your phone or update the firmware? have you bring it to a mobilephone repair shop or something?

  • Anonymous

i bought this phone somewhere between april and may 2020, i have used it until 1/1/2021. overall i did not have any major issues with this phone.large battery capacity(i only have to charge it once in 2/3 days) , enough 3gb ram, spacious 32gb rom (+ plus 1 sd slot i got is 16gb). but i dont play games on phone as i have a gaming laptop, but my brother has realme 6 pro for gaming

yes there is minor issue with this so let me point out n with some tips.

-sometime fingerprint scanner wont recognize your fingerprint
solution ; clean your scanner n wipe your finger. if you just update the firmware or just restart your phone, go to the fingerprint setting and test it there

-phone lagging
solution : go to your phone manager to clear ram, but sometimes the simple solution is just to restart your phone once a week

-audio jack and speaker is at the bottom.
this really annoy me as im using an earphone
solution : maybe buy a bluetooth earphone

  • Anonymous

We want Multi screen collaboration feature or honor magic link software with table with NFC like Huawei in realms, Xiaomi and OnePlus

Realme tablet with dual punch hole camera and with solid state battery

  • Anonymous

Yeah indeed it's the best phone for gaming for middle class people all the specifications of this phone are awesome but there is a little problem in finger print sensor as it could not recognize or scan the finger print when the fingers are wet even if my finger is wet due to humidity. Moreover storage problem is the worst it has total of 32 gb rom in which system takes up to 13 gb 2 gb others or more so the user had only 15 gb left which is very less for gaming mobile moreover the videos also take more space so there is a need to increase the storage by the way it is the best mobile I have ever used except these some minor issues...

  • NopeRealmeC3IsBest

Lona, 20 Dec 2020Very worst phone camera quality is very poorNope..!!
This is only made for mid range gaming
Heh Realme 7 is best for you

  • Lona

Very worst phone camera quality is very poor

  • Janpaul

Ea, 26 Oct 2020Its a good phone It has a good battery life Good for bro... morei have this phone and its laggy!!! its over hitting everytime!!