Realme C31

Realme C31

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  • athan
  • 3AY
  • 23 Apr 2024

does this has a gyroscope, yes or no?

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    • Anonymous
    • Dk7
    • 26 Mar 2024

    Denji, 17 Jan 2024This device don't have gyroscope No, it has gyroscope.

      Roshan tiwari , 27 Jan 2023Which type charger micro-usb

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        • Denji
        • 7XY
        • 17 Jan 2024

        This device don't have gyroscope

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          • Anonymous
          • mA{
          • 16 Jul 2023

          kenpeitai, 15 Jul 2023Should I buy this or the Pixel 5a? Both at the same price r... more5a lol save yourself the torture of using this device.

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            • kenpeitai
            • 7XX
            • 15 Jul 2023

            Should I buy this or the Pixel 5a? Both at the same price right now…

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              • Anonymous
              • 7tS
              • 02 Jun 2023

              Realme c31 got android 12 update still the website has not updated the info

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                • Ramakrishnan K
                • s8a
                • 24 Mar 2023

                Realme c31 screenshot sound turn off option missing

                  Anonymous, 01 Nov 2022How is the speaker loud or not ?for a mono speaker positioned on the back of the phone, at first I underestimated it, and was sure it would be bad. but after buying and using it I can say this is a good mono speaker, the placement of the speakers behind is also a smart way, so when the phone is in your hand, and you play music or videos, the sound will sound higher quality, and that way I no need to hold it to my ear because the sound reflection from the hand holding the cellphone is towards me. it's just that I feel the power of the sound is slightly lowered after the Android 12 update. But maybe that's just my feeling. I don't know.. what is certain is not bad. please try it yourself, you will find out how it compares to other smartphones that also use mono speakers at the bottom. sometimes i will visit this place, and feel free to blame me if i lie.

                    ThePowerbankBuddy, 07 Dec 2022Wait... So realmeUI R Edition is basically a realme'... moretrue, but after 7 months of use it was fine with it. some of the features I mean are still there but I have a different placement. there are only a few features missing, namely the gesture of sliding 3 fingers down to take a screenshot. but it was replaced with a screenshot menu in the top column. different in terms of system and placement, but in terms of functionality I still get the features I need.

                      Sin, 23 Nov 2022Probably not Better could be found Unisoc processor ar... moreI have had this smartphone for 7 months. for the price, it's great. So far I don't feel any regret buying this phone. this can support my daily use properly, and battery durability is also good. for me overall I'm satisfied, and I've already recommended this phone to a few friends who are looking to buy a new phone, and at this price they haven't had any negative comments so far. there is only a little problem that I feel. namely some bugs after the Android 12 update. We hope that Realme will fix all the bugs in the next update.

                        Zood, 27 Feb 2023No finger print lockyou are a very funny big liar. it has fingerprint and face unlock

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                          • Anonymous
                          • U{K
                          • 28 Feb 2023

                          Zood, 27 Feb 2023No finger print lockthere is fingerprint & face unlock option

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                            • Zood
                            • DkP
                            • 27 Feb 2023

                            No finger print lock

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                              • Roshan tiwari
                              • Dkh
                              • 27 Jan 2023

                              Which type charger

                                Michael77, 08 Jan 2023got android 12 update. its good. it turns out that realme ... morethis is basically midrange phone wearing low end phone skin.

                                  Thank you realme

                                    got android 12 update. its good. it turns out that realme pays attention even though it's a low-end cellphone

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                                      • ThePowerbankBuddy
                                      • Kx9
                                      • 07 Dec 2022

                                      Michael77, 09 Oct 2022I bought this one month ago. what I don't like is usi... moreWait...

                                      So realmeUI R Edition is basically a realme's modified version of Android Go? I also had this device, but I didn't know it's running Android Go. I thought realmeUI R Edition runs on normal Android version, but with a lot of feature subtraction from original realmeUI.

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                                        • gober19
                                        • 6cc
                                        • 02 Dec 2022

                                        pretty good smartphone for the lower class