Realme C33 is arriving on September 6, design and key specs revealed

Sagar, 03 September 2022

The Realme Watch 3 Pro that was supposed to be unveiled on August 18 alongside the 9i 5G will be introduced on September 6. But that won't be the only product Realme will unveil next Tuesday since the company today announced it will also launch the Realme C33 on September 6.

However, it appears both products will have different events since the C33's event will begin at 12PM IST, whereas the Watch 3 Pro's event will start at 12:30PM IST. Realme's events usually begin at 12:30PM local time in India, so chances are the company will introduce the C33 in multiple markets simultaneously like the 9i 5G.

That said, while Realme hasn't detailed the C33's specs sheet yet, the company has revealed the smartphone's design and key specs. Realme is touting the C33 as "Naye Zamane Ka Entertainment" (translation: new age's entertainment), and it actually looks like the 9i 5G with two rear cameras instead of three.

But, the 9i 5G flaunts a Vintage CD design, whereas the C33 has a Boundless Sea Design. Despite that, the C33's gold color version, like the 9i 5G's Metallica Gold model, looks all glittery and blingy. And at 8.3mm, the C33 is 0.2mm thicker than 9i 5G but weighs the same (187g).

Realme C33 is arriving on September 6, design and key specs revealed

Upon closer inspection, you can also notice that the C33's rear panel has the "Matrix AI Camera" text below the LED flash, which is not written on the 9i 5G.

The Realme C33's power button, which will double up as a fingerprint scanner, is joined by the volume rocker, with the left-side frame only having the SIM card slot. The 9i 5G only has the power key on its right-side frame, with the SIM card slot and volume buttons located on the left.

Realme C33 is arriving on September 6, design and key specs revealed

Like the 9i 5G, the C33 will also come with a 50MP primary camera and pack a 5,000 mAh battery, but we don't know if the C33 has the same sensor and charging speed (18W).

Realme C33 is arriving on September 6, design and key specs revealed

With the announcement still three days away, we could see Realme reveal a few more details about the C33. In the meantime, you can read our Realme 9i 5G's hands-on here.



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"you have to be completely clueless or trolling to think this is acceptable" This is a straw man .. that was never my argument "acceptable" I said it can run and I did objectively prove this I said it's not as ...

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the game constantly freezed and could barely maintain a framerate in the mid 20s on the lowest settings at 480p resolution. the helio g35 is literally identical to the a22 except it has 4 more a53 core and is clocked slightly higher. you have to be c...

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Is this your attempt at sacrcasm? You wrote an essay but managed to get wrong on almost everything. You must be one of those guys that like to argue everyone else is wrong and only you are correct.

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