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Realme C55

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  • XZb
  • 8 hours ago

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2023how about its camera? anybody know?Camera Not good

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    • Bannu bhai
    • D0a
    • 30 Mar 2023

    Serii, 30 Mar 2023It is worth it to buy realme c55? Please tell me😕 Yes its, best phone under 14k & at this price segment there are poco m4pro, it's comes with amoled display. That's little better then this.

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      • Serii
      • t7k
      • 30 Mar 2023

      It is worth it to buy realme c55? Please tell me😕

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        • Anonymous
        • XN5
        • 30 Mar 2023

        Camera quality not good

          Imagine buying an iPhone copycat with underbaked features and a bad chipset

            I like the bezel thiness, and uh yeah 👍

              Better to get redmi note 10 pro in this price range.

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                • android lover
                • KZK
                • 29 Mar 2023

                using g88 12nm? what year old is that chipset?

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                  • no4k-video
                  • 3pv
                  • 29 Mar 2023

                  64MP camera and can't record 4k video. Scam in plain sight.

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                    • AnoM
                    • K1y
                    • 29 Mar 2023

                    See and read the price again, these are smartphone of old tech, but still new for many of the first time buyer. Does those are upgrade from the past entry level smartphone? Yes, from storage, ram, camera, battery and processor wise, there are upgrades, but not by much. These are smartphone for those who don't chase for the highest end, but still want to own a smartphone for life. Ok, I know many will crave for Android update and monthly security updates, this brand is not known for these. Buy Motorola model if you want good Android updates and good monthly security updates, but must live with lower specs, such as lower res screen, less powerful processor.

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                      • nun
                      • K1G
                      • 29 Mar 2023

                      Anonymous, 28 Mar 2023how about its camera? anybody know?just watched some reviews of this phone and the camera is a 8.5/10. it has a powerful zoom feature but when it is too zoomed in, there will be textures. it isnt that bad tbh, it's almost the same as apple's camera when it's zoomed in. for the video, it's not really stable but it's still tolerable. i really love the night mode feature on this phone because the pictures taken at night looked really good

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                        • Anonymous
                        • tVn
                        • 28 Mar 2023

                        how about its camera? anybody know?

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                          • tZj
                          • 28 Mar 2023

                          notaspammer, 20 Mar 2023Ufs or emmc for storage? C55 using emmc bcos g88 cannot support ufs

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                            • joy
                            • CbG
                            • 24 Mar 2023

                            what's the point of having this phone. nothing new with any of the components and price is way too high.

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                              • akkha
                              • 8as
                              • 24 Mar 2023

                              emmc is slow...

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                                • rem
                                • U@H
                                • 23 Mar 2023

                                Anonymous, 19 Mar 2023Infinix Note 12 2023moto g31

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                                  • Hvg
                                  • Lfh
                                  • 22 Mar 2023

                                  notaspammer, 20 Mar 2023Ufs or emmc for storage? Emmc

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                                    • notaspammer
                                    • vgN
                                    • 20 Mar 2023

                                    Ufs or emmc for storage?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • tZ0
                                      • 19 Mar 2023

                                      Jemlim, 15 Mar 2023Tell me any phones with Amoled Display at this price then?Infinix Note 12 2023

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                                        • IQ200
                                        • 3LT
                                        • 17 Mar 2023

                                        CptPower, 16 Mar 2023Man 14 pro like with every apple is nothing but a china mad... moreSo you still don't understand that both iOS and Android have advantages and disvantages one over another. For people used to have an iOS there is no other alternative then buying an iPhone.

                                        If you don't understand something which you obviously don't since you're directly comparing two different OS-es like they're the same. iOS is not free and it has some things Android doesn't, but on the other hand Android is free and you can find it on any smart device like toster lol. As I said, each one has its + and - and the choice is on people. Isn't that great that we have a choice? I think it is. Maybe you could type in Google browser something like, "why do some people like iOS/MacOS more then Android/Windows?" to find some answers.

                                        Have a nice and fulfilled weekend Captain Power :D !