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Realme C65

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  • Kxd
  • 01 May 2024

The ROM type is emmc but didn't know what version that is

    How come this has the realme UI but the realme c67 doesnt, even though the processor used on that phone is more powerful than g85

      i would've loved this phone if it was in 2020

        pelicethekitty, 18 Apr 2024whta typoa typo they made where they typed in 5mp instead of 50mp in the phone's specs

        I emailed them this issue lol

          LosEstupido, 11 Apr 2024holy crap, they still didn't fix the typowhta typo

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            • Real you
            • vgN
            • 17 Apr 2024

            realme really thinks smartphone consumers are easily fooled by this really bad realme c65

              holy crap, they still didn't fix the typo

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                • Iskandar Sahar
                • ibg
                • 08 Apr 2024

                Samsung Galaxy S22 Design + iPhone Feature + Average MediaTek Helio G85 with no UFS + 7.5x cut cost = Realme C65

                  Anonymous, 05 Apr 2024Realme C65 is supposed to be the successor to C55 ??? or I&... moreIndeed, this C65 is a rubbish ...

                    As a successor of C55 , realme at least will use g96 as cpu and not a mediocre old g85 , dont laugh on customers ...

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                      • Anonymous
                      • gyc
                      • 05 Apr 2024

                      Realme C65 is supposed to be the successor to C55 ??? or I'm missing something? according to specifications, it is worse in ...everything?

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                        • Minu
                        • IWU
                        • 04 Apr 2024

                        Azu10157, 03 Apr 20245MP but also stated as 50MP. 5MP makes more sense honestlyEspecially given that how glaucomic the photos from low end phones look lmao

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                          • Deily
                          • g3R
                          • 04 Apr 2024

                          Sam, 03 Apr 20243 year old samsung design But worse

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                            • Sam
                            • 4$p
                            • 03 Apr 2024

                            3 year old samsung design

                              LosEstupido, 02 Apr 2024another gsmarena typo lol 5MPs? is this an accidental apri... more5MP but also stated as 50MP. 5MP makes more sense honestly

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                                • txE
                                • 03 Apr 2024

                                Judging from how much Helio G85 phones that existed, now I understand that looks like it's cheaper to make a phone with G85 + eMMC rather than T616 + UFS like on Realme C35.
                                Despites the similar processor performance, the UFS storage makes the C35 performs better in overall.
                                It's similar comparison between i3 + HDD vs Ryzen 3 + SSD. The processor might performs similar, but SSD makes it faster.

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                                  • Green Peas
                                  • sUS
                                  • 02 Apr 2024

                                  Why 8MP front only? Why not didn't made it atleast 13MP?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • XSR
                                    • 02 Apr 2024

                                    Bro this is the copy of Samsung Galaxy s21 🤫

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • JH9
                                      • 02 Apr 2024

                                      ThatOneWeabo, 02 Apr 2024damn it realme just stop making g85 phones with crappy cameras...Please, don't stop. Realme isn't trying to compete and so they deserve poor results. I hope they go out of business soon

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • JH9
                                        • 02 Apr 2024

                                        SGH Fan, 02 Apr 2024Yay! Another plastic (with glass front) block that nobody c... moreDon't expect too much for ip54 lol