Realme teases Coca-Cola Phone

Sagar, 27 January 2023

A couple of days ago, we saw the render of a Coca-Cola-branded smartphone, but there was no confirmation about its maker since the phone had no logo of any smartphone brand. However, given its resemblance to the Realme 10/10 Pro, it was reasonable to expect that the Cola Phone would be a special edition of one of these Realme smartphones. And that's what will likely happen since Realme today posted a short clip on Twitter hinting at its collaboration with Coca-Cola.

Leaked image of the Coca-Cola Phone
Leaked image of the Coca-Cola Phone (not the confirmed name)

Realme posted a video clip on Twitter having the text "Something exciting is bubbling!" and a smartphone in the red-ish background with all the fizz we usually see in beverages like Coca-Cola.

Realme also set up an event page on its Indian website with the same background, but this time, the text reads, "Realme is set to get really refreshing."

Realme could unveil the Coca-Cola Phone soon as it says 'Something is fizzing at Realme'

On the same page, we also have an image of a beverage bottle, with the drink's fizz in the shape of Realmeow - Realme's official mascot and Chief Trend Officer. It has the text "Get ready to say Cheers For Real."

Realme could unveil the Coca-Cola Phone soon as it says 'Something is fizzing at Realme'

All this is proof enough that Realme has teamed up with Coca-Cola for a Coca-Cola-branded smartphone, and if the render of the Cola Phone we saw is real, it will be a special edition Realme 10 or 10 Pro.


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