Realme GT2 Pro review

GSMArena Team, 3 March 2022.

Design, ergonomics and connectivity

Once again, Realme tries something different with the build. And we can get behind that. Last year's top-tier version of the GT 5G had vegan leather option, while this year's special Paper Green and Paper Green color variants are available in the lower storage tiers as well. They are made of bio-based polymer, leaving 35.5% less carbon footprint, but Realme doesn't specify compared to what. Perhaps the OEM refers to the standard materials used for smartphones, such as plastic and glass.

Realme GT2 Pro review

The company has worked with the Saudi Arabian firm Sabic to come up with a paper-like texture, hence the color names. Realme once again worked with Naoto Fukusawa, the designer who helped make the GT Master series from last year. That's why you get the laser-engraved signature of the designer.

Realme GT2 Pro review

The surface itself indeed feels like paper, but we couldn't get over the notion of plastic. It's definitely lighter than glass and takes away that premium feel you usually get from a proper flagship phone. We are not saying the GT2 Pro isn't a flagship, it's just that it's not super premium to the touch. However, there are some upsides to this.

Realme GT2 Pro review

First, scratches would be less noticeable on a non-shiny surface. Secondly, the material provides a superior grip compared to glass and smooth plastic. And thirdly, the fingerprints and smudges are no longer an issue here. So for some, the not-so-premium-feel could be a reasonable trade-off given the advantages of the polymer. The non-designer Steel Black and the Titanium Blue variants remain glass, though, if you do so prefer.

Realme GT2 Pro review

Going around the sides, we see anodized aluminum and the back plate seamlessly transitions into the oval side frame with no protrusions or ridges. It feels quite nice. You can easily see the antenna cutouts all-around, as the phone incorporates a 360-degree antenna design, which Realme is really proud of.

Just like the iQOO 9 Pro and the Oppo Find X5 Pro (both BBK Electronics-made phones, yes), an Antenna Array Matrix System improves the phone's reception and connectivity capabilities. A combination of software and hardware optimizations improves the 5G cellular connection, Wi-Fi and NFC. The software decides which of the 12 antennas to use depending on the scenario.

Realme GT2 Pro - Realme GT2 Pro review Realme GT2 Pro - Realme GT2 Pro review
Realme GT2 Pro - Realme GT2 Pro review Realme GT2 Pro - Realme GT2 Pro review
Realme GT2 Pro

While we can't confirm those claims through testing, we must take Realme's word for it. However, we found the so-called 360-degree NFC to be quite handy in practice. There's a catch, though, the 360-degree part refers only to the upper half of the handset. We found it to work with the frame or the display facing the NFC-enabled device but we couldn't get it to work with the bottom half. When you think about it, you are not holding the phone with the USB port facing upward anyway.

There's nothing else out of the ordinary around the frame. We have the volume rocker on the left and the power button on the right. The latter is a tad higher but still within thumb's reach. The bottom houses a dual SIM card slot, the USB-C connector and the bottom-firing speaker.

Realme GT2 Pro review

While the back of the handset wasn't very convincing, the front glass leaves no doubt in the GT2 Pro's premium status. The side bezels are razor-thin, while the top and bottom bezels are ever so slightly thicker but symmetrical. It's really pleasing to the OCD eye. The punch-hole for the selfie in the upper-left corner is small enough not to be distracting. The Gorilla Glass Victus has discreet curves around the edges and feels nice in hand.

Realme GT2 Pro review

Thanks to its lightweight back, the Paper White and the Paper Green variants weigh in at just 189 grams (add 10g for the glass options), and thickness is just 8.2mm. All that camera hardware gives the handset that distinct top-heavy feel, yet the GT2 Pro doesn't feel hefty at all. It's not too shabby for a 6.7-inch device.

Overall, we liked the design, and we applaud Realme's effort of offering something different in the sea of glass sandwiches. Although the sub-premium feel of the texture may not be to everyone's taste, it does have its positive traits.

Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Apr 2024
  • 7kn

Camera is good. And phone is good. Only issue is quick overheating.

  • Mr Rash
  • 25 Oct 2023
  • mTW

Display is amazing and performance also very smooth and speed But main issue is over heating,and no telephoto sensor for better portraits ,if realme changed magnification cam to 12 mp or 10 mp telephoto cam,that was better

  • Raju Babu
  • 04 Oct 2023
  • gIy

I could never buy this phone with a stupid with 10 days replaced