Realme introduces in-house AI photography architecture called Hyperimage+

Realme held today an AI imaging media preview event in Bangkok, Thailand, where it introduced an in-house solution for AI photography, called Hyperimage+.

It described it a three-layer architecture consisting of flagship optics, on-device AI imaging algorithms, and cloud-based AI image editing.

The event was themed "The Future is Here: AI is revolutionizing mobile imaging," where Realme invited speakers from Sony and TUV Rheinland to talk about their partnership and the upcoming Realme 13 Pro products.

The stage also saw Francis Wong, Head of Product Marketing at Realme, who told us more about Hyperimage+. The base layer is "cutting-edge optics, consisting of multiple lenses, periscope lenses and large sensors", which will be part of the new 13 Pro lineup.

Building upon this, we have AI imaging algorithms and AI image editing that process image data to enhance the visual quality of photo and video content. The new comprehensive approach is developed to take mobile photography to the next level, allowing users to "enjoy ultra-clear camera with AI from the convenience of their smartphone".

Reader comments

  • TheToeCollector

I've always wanted a 2nd thumb and 7th finger on my right hand. Thank you Realme for soon making my dream come true with your crack AI photography! Regards, a 6-toe Latvian (not).

  • Anonymous

Nokia 3310

  • Carol

Or better said, taking a picture of none existing subjects.