Realme Narzo 30A

Realme Narzo 30A

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  • Anonymous
  • XTN
  • 12 Aug 2023

Awesome phone for little amount of money. I have using it as a secondary device for almost 2 years and its still solid. Best thing is not laggy and if you know how to use GCAM it can show some amazing results. Only Con is screen. A real potato screen it has otherwise very solid phone and battery is just out of the world amazing...

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    • Anonymous
    • YQx
    • 15 Jul 2023

    Screen quality is potato; it's pretty noticable when using the phone outside, the display brightness and color changes automatically multiple times, but overall it's a very good phone

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      • Anonymous
      • KiN
      • 01 Apr 2023

      The quality of the screen is very bad
      But overall this phone is good

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        • zikray
        • tuh
        • 07 Mar 2023

        Been using it for 2 years already, the best thing about it is it's still running smoothly when i slide the screen, opened too many apps at once but still running smoothly...just I'm having problems with the notification won't ring when somebody just message me via WhatsApp

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          • Rilmik
          • xjH
          • 31 Oct 2022

          lampp, 08 Jul 2021does this phone support gcam?I use nikita 2.0 and BSG 8.1, this gcam very smooth and no lag for my narzo 30A.

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            • Emrul
            • X}e
            • 31 Oct 2022

            Antutu score this phone was 212082

              I used this phone mainly for backup, not everyday use. However, the big battery is just the best feature for this average phone. Using for GPS navigation, musics/FM Radio, message/call and yet still have some 50% left after 3 days of average usage.

              For gaming stuff, it's decent for some gaming session, plus with long lasting battery performance. However, I prefer to enjoy mobile gaming with better quality display and resolution.

              The camera is just okay. Not the best one for photo and video in terms of quality, but it does the job capturing some good shots.

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                • Siddy
                • XZ1
                • 04 May 2022

                Nope, 12 May 2021Don't fall for the 'Narzo 30a is budget gaming ph... moreDisplay sucks totally washed out .even graphics for games are just sunlight it doesn't work can't see a thing even while wearing shades..
                By mistake I bought a 3/32 version... never buy 32 gb..even 64 is less these days
                I just don't have space sd card got corrupted twice .one was stronium other SanDisk
                Not sure what do I do's just average heavy and battery is only thing...

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                  • Shadow fly
                  • YQR
                  • 14 Feb 2022

                  jhfff, 13 Feb 2022what did expect in a low end variant phone? if you want som... moreI am from India and I never purchased a phone above 10,000 RS in my life.
                  These are the phones I used-:
                  Lenovo A7000 9000 INR
                  Samsung M01 core, 5700 INR
                  Moto G7 Power 9,999 INR on offer.(still using).
                  Bought Narzo for 9,000/-
                  No more arguing......

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                    • jhfff
                    • uSV
                    • 13 Feb 2022

                    Shadowfly, 17 Jan 2022Descent Phone in this price range..... But nothing special... morewhat did expect in a low end variant phone? if you want something better, maybe buy a mid range phone. duh

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                      • Legend soul
                      • D0e
                      • 22 Jan 2022

                      C21y, 27 Aug 2021Oh really. That was sad. My c21y isn't a gaming phone ... moreBrother tell me about c21y it's advantage And disadvantage

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                        • Shadowfly
                        • rJx
                        • 17 Jan 2022

                        Descent Phone in this price range.....
                        But nothing special in real life,
                        Except, exceptional battery life
                        major problems-:
                        1- Display becomes worse in broad daylight, especially in dark mode (Colours are getting washed out by losing contrast).
                        Display lacks dynamic range.... (Brightness is not an issue)
                        Even at 360p YouTube videos doesn't look good
                        (Usually I watch YouTube videos on my moto G7 power 720p display- Which gives adequate quality for me)
                        2- unimpressive camera quality, Despite the rich beautification tools and depth sensor
                        The colours are now where near to the actual scene
                        Sharpness is not good enough...
                        Night mode😂😂😂
                        3- Bad speaker quality (Descent loudness)
                        4-Unreliable multitasking (Even restrarts YouTube,and other small sized apps )
                        5- Gaming is Very good,but I don't know why General user interface doesn't become snappy enough?
                        6-Lack of secondary noise cancellation mic, results in low quality audio recording...
                        I switched back to my old phone,and presented Narzo to my sister...She is fine with this.
                        I admit,this is a value for money phone....
                        But the above mentioned problems are hard for me to adjust...
                        I already expected-
                        1- a Heavy phone
                        2- Long Charging time...
                        3- Slight compromises in built quality
                        4- Mediocre camera quality
                        5- Bloatwares
                        Thus I'm not complaining about those...
                        Good move from Realme in the department of battery and performance....
                        But the basics of smartphones always need to be strong....
                        Which matters verymuch in real life than specifications.

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                          • AFRIDI
                          • PG5
                          • 22 Dec 2021

                          wrost portrait camera in the world, gaming wallah

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                            • RussianCat
                            • gCY
                            • 19 Dec 2021

                            I have this phone but after the Android 11 update my SIM stopped working.
                            Besides that , us a good phone even for light gaming (osu! Lazer , Adofai , Free fire , 8 Ball Pool)
                            The camera is decent if you aren't a person that makes a lot of photos. Battery is good too ,it lasts from 6 hours to 1 day and even that it changes really fast
                            Phone 7.5/10

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                              • Safira
                              • sEI
                              • 02 Dec 2021

                              Almost 1 year use this phone, performance still ok.

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                                • Elifire
                                • Nue
                                • 25 Nov 2021

                                Nice phone but doesn't have radio. I felt so bad after purchasing it because radio is a priority for me

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                                  • Hakjdl
                                  • K1L
                                  • 31 Oct 2021

                                  Gamer, 26 Jul 2021Narzo 30A is called a gaming phone....but it doesn't e... moreIt have gyroscope shit.... I used it I know

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                                    • Nyamatsuka
                                    • t7X
                                    • 07 Sep 2021

                                    C21y, 27 Aug 2021Oh really. That was sad. My c21y isn't a gaming phone ... moreYour phone is in between of Low and medium spec that is good phone if you're just gonna play Battle royal/MOBA but for some games like genshin you might exp. some fps drop issue

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                                      • niki wibu
                                      • IVJ
                                      • 30 Aug 2021

                                      Gamer, 26 Jul 2021Narzo 30A is called a gaming phone....but it doesn't e... morewhat would you expect from low end device?

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                                        • C21y
                                        • RIC
                                        • 27 Aug 2021

                                        Gamer, 26 Jul 2021Narzo 30A is called a gaming phone....but it doesn't e... moreOh really. That was sad. My c21y isn't a gaming phone but it has gyroscope.