Realme Narzo 50A

Realme Narzo 50A

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  • Anonymous

Good choice for me because I am regular user only


I love gsmarena

Vivey, 24 Sep 2021I guess there is no gyro sensor?Probably Electronic Gyroscope sensor

Price is more than expected

  • Berserk

This phone rear cover must be the chaotic design ever at mobile phone history. Congratulations realme.

The name "NARZO" Sounds like a name you never can explain, Who is that NARZO, what is NARZO who is that guy NARZO, it. Doesn't fit to mobile phone
This is my personal opinion it's nothing to do with reality

  • Umeboshi

OK I think MTK g85 only can take 48mp camera, how this can this use 50mp? Realme can u explained?

  • Vivey

I guess there is no gyro sensor?

I was thinking that more pixels mean more processing power needed means more battery to support. If they give some gorilla glass protection, nice body, 7000mah battery, g88 processor at least with 4GB/64GB with the latest software and android version without any bloatware within ₹10000. Then I am satisfied

  • GX-Chen

not Helio G88?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021Is a 1080p screen too much to ask for? Every phone at this ... moreI totally agree

  • Anonymous

Is a 1080p screen too much to ask for? Every phone at this price has a crap 720p display on a phone that doesn't even fit in most pockets. And these fake camera bumps with trash 2MP cameras need to stop. No one uses them and they only make the phone uglier

  • DBSB

I've never heard of this phone before...interesting


joe nodden, 25 Aug 2021Another day another piece of trash low end phone with a 720... moreAll the companies are launching trash mobiles now.

  • Anonymous

no g85 on poco m3 at least a good battery life and 1080p

Bad Design, poor specs !!
Skip ...

Another day another piece of trash low end phone with a 720p 60hz LCD.

The Poco M3's existence literally proves the 720p displays aren't needed at all.


  • Tutty frutty

Realme are u serious? That just re-brand from realme c25s Indian version (13+2+2mp) or realme narzo 30a with extra 2mp camera. The only improvement here is realme mock xiaomi MI 11 ultra camera layout, look the blank space beside camera island doesn't it looks like fake extra screen .

Weird flex