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  • 13 hours ago

LilLol, 18 May 2024For those of you who want to know how fast its SoC is. Over... moreAnd see the screen size compared. It has even more viewable area than spark 8 pro:

Realne Note 50 109.7 cm
Tecno Spark 8 pro 109 cm
Redmi 10C 106.5 cm
Narzo 30 5g 102 cm
Reno4 5G 99.8 cm
Iphone 15 91.3 cm (lol)
Vivo Y93 95.9 cm
Samsung A10e 83.4 cm
Redmi 6A 76.7 cm

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    • LilLol
    • 6sP
    • 18 May 2024

    For those of you who want to know how fast its SoC is. Overall performance is better than Snapdragon 665 (Redmi A3, TCL 10 plus, Vivo Y80, Moto G Pro, Realme 5i, all those are less powerful) and that with lower GPU score! That means that it is far more powerful in everything except gaming (and gaming is not bad either). Antutu score around 240K. I recommend this phone over everything other. New android, IP rating, USB-C. Just amazing for this price range.

      this phone only costs $63 with the 4+64gb variant, from where i live and it has an antutu v10 score of 230k and above... damn, this is a really good deal and it's even better than the redmi a3 or vivo y03

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        • Aba32b
        • 6sP
        • 17 May 2024

        It has over 240K antutu score. I remember when I first had my meizu x8 with nearly 200K score and how fast it was. Times change.

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          • Devil
          • tEX
          • 17 May 2024

          The best in it's price.

            IQ200, 14 Apr 2024In Germany this model is 100€. For 100€ is NOT a good b... moreIn Malaysia, this is approx 68 euro, but runs out of stock easily.

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              • Rock Howard
              • ibm
              • 01 May 2024

              The phone is just fine, but I wish they just use ufs storage for this.

                IQ200, 14 Apr 2024In Germany this model is 100€. For 100€ is NOT a good b... moreConcerning the pricing part, someone said it's gonna be only for 65$, which I think it "was" a good deal for this phone. For the other part where you're attacking me, I say that judging people from 2 comments about a phone is a thing only psychopaths do.

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                  • IQ200
                  • LiQ
                  • 28 Apr 2024


                  Umidigi offerings are far far better then this Realme, especially since price difference can be up to 190%. In Germany this phone cost 100€ and in Croatia is 120€!

                  Umidigi forever!

                  Umidigi > others "cheap" phones

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                    • IQ200
                    • LiQ
                    • 28 Apr 2024

                    IpsDisplay, 23 Jan 2024People of the future that will read these comments Pleas... moreIn my opinion this phone is trash.

                    Now what?

                    What names do I deserve because of that?

                    Thanks for your help

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                      • IQ200
                      • LiQ
                      • 28 Apr 2024

                      IpsDisplay, 23 Jan 2024Your being ignorant at 65$ phones are running android 8 on ... moreYou are trying really hard to persuade people into your thinking.

                      Umidigi is the best.

                      Fight me keyboard warriors. Lol.

                      And read posting rules before you do make a reply which I won't read as I never read any of it. I don't want to measure my ego over some different opinions and experience. Just want to share my 2 cents in polite manner. Of course that's not how most of elitists think. I guess YOUR opinion is the only and universal truth out there. If someone thinking different THEY are obviously wrong and deserve punishment with against the rules comments.

                      You can't stand OLED screens and I can't stand sad people trying to share their negativity with others. In what way is that helpfull to anyone except your ego?

                      Have a great day!

                        yon, 23 Apr 2024weak phone just think 2*1.8 ghz??? lol trashyou don't know how it performs. the T612 is much better and usable than Helio P35 rebrands (G35, G36, and G37)
                        the T612 chip has cortex A75. runs at 1.8ghz. don't underestimate by the clock speed as if P35 runs at 2.3ghz, but still runs like crap due to cortex A53 only 😂😂😂

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                          • yon
                          • 7Xi
                          • 23 Apr 2024

                          IQ200, 14 Apr 2024In Germany this model is 100€. For 100€ is NOT a good b... moreweak phone just think 2*1.8 ghz??? lol trash

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                            • Lec
                            • 14 Apr 2024

                            Dark Blade, 23 Jan 2024The pricing is good, but the thing I don't like is tha... moreIn Germany this model is 100€.

                            For 100€ is NOT a good buy if you are asking me Mr. Sarcasm who really wants his comments to be liked from the community. Me? I don't care for likes. I care only if I see someone else care to help. You are obviously not here to help. You are here to mock people so you can think better of your self. Well...

                            Have a nice and fulfilled day.

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                              • Hammad
                              • ucF
                              • 02 Apr 2024

                              zulfi, 25 Feb 2024it is good mobile for normal use , Not for Gaming, Camera o... moreYes, right now market price is 23k and for day to day tasks it gets the job done camera is decent not exceptional.

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                                • Iskandar Sahar
                                • IVT
                                • 23 Mar 2024

                                Fas, 22 Mar 2024Unisoc sucks 🤮🤮At least better than Helio G70-85 but not like Snapdragon 680 i am using that.

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                                  • Fas
                                  • Xjf
                                  • 22 Mar 2024

                                  Unisoc sucks 🤮🤮

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                                    • hyt00
                                    • UUJ
                                    • 17 Mar 2024

                                    Anonymous, 24 Jan 2024what phone is your usingnokia c21

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                                      • 17 Mar 2024

                                      Adnan, 22 Feb 2024At Least give him a g70 why unisoc? unisoc tiger series is better than mtk g70..... probably you don't know

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                                        • I@a
                                        • 10 Mar 2024

                                        I'm very excited to buy this phone soon because my phone is now a bit laggy and I don't really care about people complaining about this realme note 50 my is mom using realme C11 and it's not even laggy after 3 years of playing and using it so I guess realme note 50 can't be that bad at playing or using other things