Realme will unveil its periscope camera tech tomorrow

Sagar, 09 January 2024

Realme has been teasing a new smartphone with a periscope camera for over a week. The brand hasn't revealed the phone's name, but the company has partnered with Qualcomm to unveil "groundbreaking image technologies" and the periscope camera on January 10, 2024, in Las Vegas, USA.

This tech will likely be used in the new smartphone Realme's been teasing since its X post includes #PeriscopeOver200MP, which is also included in posts teasing the upcoming smartphone.

This upcoming smartphone featuring the periscope camera tech is expected to be the Realme 12 Pro+. It was spotted on TENAA recently with its specs and images alongside the Realme 12 Pro. You can check the specs and images here.


Reader comments

If you start out with 12MP of detail in the lens, you will retain 12MP of detail in the lense. Putting a higher resolution sensor makes 0 difference when the lens can't even generate moiré on a 12MP sensor. It's a useless marketing number. ...

Its not about taking 200MP shots, its about cropping in Based on the leaks, the Pro+ too will have a 100mm lens, but because of the high resolution, photos beyond that will retain high detail - surely not 200MP worth of detail, but a good amount

Even *if* the sensor had a colour resolution of 200MP, which it doesn't, thanks to the tetra-bayer sensor array, smartphone lenses cannot resolve higher than 50MP. Indeed, there are very few phones that can resolve 50MP. Couple that with a small...

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