Realme takes another jab at Redmi over K20 launch

Vlad, 17 July 2019

Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi has unveiled the K20 for the Indian market today, and Oppo sub-brand Realme couldn't wait to take a jab at the device.

Realme used its official Twitter account to highlight how its Realme X is cheaper than the Redmi K20 while also offering a "Real Full Screen" display. We'll just have to pretend like that chin isn't there, right?

Anyway, the point here is that in the cut-throat Indian smartphone market Redmi and Realme are direct competitors, so one can't let the other launch something and not respond in some way.

The Realme X does have a bigger screen than the Redmi K20 (around 5% more surface area), but the older Snapdragon 710 and not the 730 at the helm, and while the Realme starts at 4GB of RAM, the K20 goes up from 6. The K20 also has more cameras on the rear, pairing the main 48 MP sensor with an ultra-wide and a tele, and its battery is bigger too.

Whether or not all that is enough to warrant the INR 5,000 ($72 or €64) price differential is entirely up to you, of course. If you want to compare the two handsets in-depth, use our special tool here.


Reader comments

CompactPhones5ever, if only that were possible... You can't pay extra to get a small phone nowadays. They just don't exist. The last one that existed was Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, but now you can't buy even that one...

Xiaomi dominates everywhere. All their phones and prices are competitive. With same or better specs but for same price as Xiaomi offers you wont find a better phone from any of well known brand. And i dont mean Cubut as well known or Beetex,...

I like smaller phone too so I can use them with one hand. Phones are so big these days. 5 inch became a smaller screen. I wish there was some version called K20 SE, K20 Pro SE or something that has the similar feature of K20 and K20 Pro with a smalle...

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