Realme will unveil the Narzo 60 series on July 6, offers a peek at the design

Peter, 27 June 2023

Realme has scheduled the unveiling of the Narzo 60 series for July 6 (Thursday next week), the event will go live at 12 noon local time. The company also gave fans a peek at the design that will be used for the upcoming series.

Realme will unveil the Narzo 60 series on July 6 Realme will unveil the Narzo 60 series on July 6

And it’s a design that we’ve already seen – save for the “NARZO” that is printed on the back, this looks a lot like the Realme 11 Pro/11 Pro+. Well, almost, the Narzo version lacks the decorative stitching that runs along the spines of the 11 Pro duo. This particular colorway is dubbed “Martian Horizon”

First glimpse at the Realme Narzo 60 design First glimpse at the Realme Narzo 60 design

The company will launch two phones: the Narzo 60 and Narzo 60 Pro. Presumably, these will be quite similar to the Realme 11 Pro duo. If you look closely, you can just make out “100MP” written on the back, that’s the resolution of the Realme 11 Pro. The Pro+ model has a 200MP main camera (and 8MP ultra wide), but we don’t know if the image above depicts the vanilla Narzo 60 or the 60 Pro.

Realme 11 Pro (Sunrise Beige) Realme 11 Pro (Sunrise Beige)
Realme 11 Pro (Sunrise Beige)

The Realme 11 Pro+ has proven to be a hit in India, scoring a record-breaking first sale. Together with the Realme 11 Pro they dominated the ₹20,000-₹30,000 segment on Flipkart.

And that is one key difference between the Realme 11 phones and the Narzo 60 phones – the Narzo pair will live in the Amazon India store, you can track new developments on this landing page.

Note that unofficial info (Geekbench results) showed that the Narzo 60 will be powered by the Dimensity 6020 whereas both Realme 11 Pro models use the Dimensity 7050 instead. The 6020 uses older tech (7nm vs 6nm, Cortex-A76 vs. A78, Mali-G57 vs. G68), so looks can be deceiving and the two series could be more different than they appear at first glance.



Reader comments

  • elmarcello
  • 28 Jun 2023
  • M{F

Fully agree. Though Narzo 50 series were never available somewhere nearby in Europe. Pity, and shame. Would so much want.

Ikr. They went from the Narzo 50 Pro, a vfm phone to this day (at it's offer price) to releasing this crap.

I guess so. This could mean 2 things. Either it will match, because the regular Narzo 60 will actually be the regular Realme 11, but they teased the design of the Realme 11 Pro, which will end up being the Narzo 60 Pro, whith the same Dimensity...

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