Realme X7

Realme X7

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  • Jay

kat, 09 Apr 2021Comes with an otg adapter (usb c-type to 3.5 mm)Yes it's come in box

  • Manoj

Change the picture of the phone current one is realme x7 pro and realme x7 has only 3 lens.

  • Anonymous

The features are pretty impressive especially with the Dimensity chipset and the price is also pretty decent

  • kat

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2021How to connect wired earphonesComes with an otg adapter (usb c-type to 3.5 mm)

  • Anonymous

How to connect wired earphones

  • AndrewJ

This is a really wonderful budget 5G option with its powerful Mediatek Dimensity 800U chipset. The camera section is also so good.

  • OSmith

I think going for a Dimensity 800U was a good call. The chipset is efficient and will work well with the smartphone

  • Yash k

I have worst have connective problem in Bluetooth and wifi ..... It has barcode scanning problem payment problem ...... Even now I'm facing problem because of contacts sharing .. photos sharing etc.

  • Oliver

This is a really great 5G smartphone with some amazing features. Love the integration of the Mediatek dimensity 800U processor

  • Ajeesh Joseph

Worst mobile.Realme x7 5g have hanging problem both camera are worst Super Amoled display is like IPS display.Finally No any software updation. Realme phones are not get security updation. Never get android 11 updation in this phone

  • Anonymous

Best thing about it is falling in the mid range category and with an amoled display.

  • Anonymous

F U R Y, 06 Feb 2021My only concern is why they didn't gave 120hz refresh ... moreAtleast its super amoled

  • Anonymous

Heth , 06 Feb 2021Does this have a Sony 64MP sensor or a samsung 64MP sensor.NO, It has Samsung sensor in rear camera. But in front camera, it has sony IMX472 sensor.

  • aaa

can i get dolby atoms in this device while i connect headphone?

  • F U R Y

My only concern is why they didn't gave 120hz refresh rate for for Realme X7, only 60hz, but they gave 120hz refresh rate for Realme X7 pro.

  • Tusharma

This is just too good from Realme. What an amazing Mediatek chipset at the cost and the battery specs are great as well

  • Heth

Does this have a Sony 64MP sensor or a samsung 64MP sensor.

  • Rockstar

Realme x7 is 16mp front camera and depth sensor
I wwnt to buy this but i like miui12 version

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2021I will buy this. Mi 10i software lag, lcd screen , worst c... moreI'm using a realme phone and it's bloated af, you can not turn off those hot apps and hot games folder. Lags are also there in realme ui. I used miui on mi phones and they are literally ad free. You can easily uninstall the apps via adb or by running an java based application. Ram management is better in realme and as leaks suggest it's priced kinda similar at mi10i. Mi10i definitely has better camera and processor.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021No headphone jack ? No micro sd card slot ? No stereo speak... moreI will buy this. Mi 10i software lag, lcd screen , worst camera, bloatware, higher price.