Realme X7 Pro Ultra

Realme X7 Pro Ultra

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  • DroolMaster
  • AAr
  • 02 May 2023

Got this phone on release day and still using it as my primary phone up to this moment while I'm typing this comment, it's far more than great, still as smooth and fast and I've never complained about any aspect of it, neithr the performance nor the camera or display, 10/10 all around, it still amazes me to this day, I'm so glad and proud of my investment and happy that i chose it over so many other options.

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    • Anonymous
    • Nk%
    • 19 Oct 2021

    Fingerprint :in-display

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      • bxd
      • 05 Sep 2021

      i wonder what about the next Realme phone are thay still using the 2mp micro cam, telephoto lenses is better than that.

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        • Anonymous
        • NX@
        • 20 Aug 2021

        Bought this phone and so far so good its a beauty phobe nice to hold and good performance

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          • Anonymous
          • Nu6
          • 23 Jul 2021

          optical??? please explain

            At this point just call it realme X7 D and call it a day. (D for display since it's just a X7 max with better display)

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              • XII
              • ty%
              • 28 Jun 2021

              This phone's fingerprint is optical, not side-mounted.

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                • Anonymous
                • gDf
                • 24 May 2021

                YFalcon, 19 Apr 2021Is this phone going to be released in Europe ?Yes

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                  • AnonD-999011
                  • fIW
                  • 24 May 2021

                  Look at this! The Future of Phone!

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                    • Dodger
                    • ter
                    • 19 May 2021

                    Salman, 05 May 2021How to buy this in Australia?How to buy srilanka & price

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                      • Romeo
                      • sxr
                      • 14 May 2021

                      Is this phone going to released in Philippines?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • sxs
                        • 11 May 2021

                        Realme User, 05 May 2021What's wrong with Realme? They seem to confuse their ... moreThis dude is basically right.

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                          • Cedric
                          • Nu6
                          • 09 May 2021

                          Salman, 05 May 2021How to buy this in Australia?order from aliexpress

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                            • Salman
                            • K6q
                            • 05 May 2021

                            How to buy this in Australia?

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                              • Realme User
                              • X%7
                              • 05 May 2021

                              What's wrong with Realme?
                              They seem to confuse their customers via selling similar pones with two different names.
                              When it comes to UI, they are always late with OTA updates.
                              When it comes to kernel source, they don't seem to upload the dummy source so that the user cannot study their code.
                              I've been a realme user but later I realised that this brand doesn't care about its customers feedback

                                jhoey, 28 Apr 2021how fast this exynos chipsetIt's says "Mediatek MT6889Z Dimensity 1000+" not Exynos

                                  • j
                                  • jhoey
                                  • 0CR
                                  • 28 Apr 2021

                                  how fast this exynos chipset

                                    Basically a GT neo but with a more "stylish" display and more expensive.

                                      Is this phone going to be released in Europe ?

                                        You can buy this phone on AliExpress through this link. The curved screen is great.