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  • Anonymous

GANESH, 01 May 2021What is the display nits valuethey measured 447 nits.


What is the display nits value

  • Percy

Arc, 22 Mar 2021My Realme XT 8gb have nfcNope .. that's the f up

  • Arc

My Realme XT 8gb have nfc

  • Abbas

The battery timing is really better than before after the latest update ( C.10 ) . Make sure yo update it

  • Anonymous

RayyanF, 31 Oct 2020What is the size of the Realme XT 64mp photo file?25 to 30 according to detail in pic

  • Anonymous

RayyanF, 31 Oct 2020What is the size of the Realme XT 64mp photo file?Usually at least 12MB

  • Deepak

I've been using this phone more than year now. And it's perfect for my all daily usage. No lags, good battery backup. Good network receiver too.

  • Abbas

I've been using this phone for like 3 months now.
Haven't feel any type of lag. Cameras are pretty good too.
I just have issues with the battery time. It isn't less but it should be more. I get like 5 hours for normal usage. They should at least fix the Standby drain. The battery drain too much in standby when the screen is off.

  • Efwaan Nil

Best Value for money phone

  • Darren

Did the camera using quasbayer? I searched on google many phones that using 32-64 mp cameras are originally 16 mp cameras

I bought mine last March 2020. After many updates, it is fair to say that this device became better compared to the stock OS. Im a power user to say the least. The 712 chipset is more than capable for my everday tasks. With 8GB of RAM, switching apps to apps is a breeze.

  • Raj

I have been using this phone more than one year, it is working good, but after September updation battery drains frequently and if someone call me the screen not responding.

How can I fix this problem...??

  • tukul75

Realme XT doesnot have Carrier Aggregation/ 4G+. Very slowest data speeds. Very very bad phone in terms of connectivity. Dont buy this phone even in second hand.

  • sue

Vickyfoxy, 31 May 2020Please I need help Realme xt or Samsung a71? I'm not a ga... morenot Samsung A 71 pls. XT produces more great pics.

What is the size of the Realme XT 64mp photo file?

  • Ramkumar

Camera night mode just option it is not work

  • Ramkumar

After software update performance is downgrade by realme "you tube" HDR video freeze "facebook" suddenly stop "dolby atmos" dose not work well battery standby drain too much. Ashamed realme company

  • Abbas

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020Which version did you update toI updated it to the latest version. Realme UI with C.07 September update.

  • Anonymous

Abbas, 13 Oct 2020The standby time battery drain is too much after the new up... moreWhich version did you update to