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  • Sameer ansari
  • t1%
  • 17 Sep 2023

fatima, 15 Mar 2023Its a good phone overall but there is one lag in this phone... moreYes 👍

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    • Anonymous
    • t7y
    • 27 Aug 2023

    I've been using this phone for 3++ Years and I'm happy with its performance. Bought it last March 2020 till today Aug 2023 and still working as expected.

    My phones consumption is mainly for watching Video Content Netflix, Youtube, Etc.. with occasional gaming of MOBA.

    Battery still last for almost a day with 4 hours connected to data.

    using android 11, 8GB Ram, 128Gb internal storage.

    Will possibly look for realme smartphone for my next upgrade possibly by 2024 or 2025.

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      • Nick
      • 0p}
      • 19 Aug 2023

      N4us, 12 Feb 2023purchased it on 1st of October, 2019. I never liked the bl... moreCan you send me the link to the "custom rom" you installed?

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        • Nick
        • 0p}
        • 19 Aug 2023

        iHateThisPhone, 14 May 2023Realme xt with custom rom Havoc OS (Android 10) is the bestI have (Android 11), are you suggesting that (Android 10) is the better version for this phone?

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          • N12
          • KL$
          • 01 Aug 2023

          My sister have this phone it has a good processor .. until now can handle popular games

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            • Neha Valrani
            • y2g
            • 31 Jul 2023

            I am using the phone since 4 years its a fantastic phone with not an single issue till date.

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              • Nisu
              • QB0
              • 18 Jul 2023

              Except for their bloatware apps which cannot be uninstalled God knows whyy, phone is excellent!!

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                • iHateThisPhone
                • tDF
                • 14 May 2023

                Realme xt with custom rom Havoc OS (Android 10) is the best

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                  • Anonymous
                  • tA{
                  • 14 Apr 2023

                  One of the best phones from Realme. Using since 3+ years. Not a single hiccup!!

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                    • Dan
                    • U@G
                    • 02 Apr 2023

                    Anonymous, 30 Oct 2021Poor gaming experience for ML players like me. Only good fo... more😂😂

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                      • fatima
                      • uWJ
                      • 15 Mar 2023

                      Its a good phone overall but there is one lag in this phone is that its Panel! panel always get damadge otherwise it has all qualities

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                        • phaneesh
                        • ITm
                        • 19 Feb 2023

                        used for 3+ years, its a champ.. thank you real me

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                          • N4us
                          • vG{
                          • 12 Feb 2023

                          purchased it on 1st of October, 2019.
                          I never liked the bloated and poorly optimized ColorOS which it came with. So I installed custom rom on November 2019 and it's been more than 3 years now since then. It is currently running Android 13 with latest security patch, thanks to the awesome custom rom developers.
                          The hardware stood the test of time. Used it without screen protection. No scratches on the front or back. Still lasts a whole day on full charge, but charging is hit or miss these days because of old battery. Sometimes I have to turn off the phone to charge it forcefully. Which heats the battery (A clear sign of degraded battery).
                          Finally, I'm going to exchange it with the new POCO x5 pro only because it needs a battery replacement. And spending Rs. 1500 (1000 for battery 500 for service charge) for battery replacement of a 3+ year old phone is not wise. The purchase was worth every penny.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • rKn
                            • 14 Jan 2023

                            Kei H, 11 Jan 2023Using it from the beginning of release until now, 3 years +... moreSir,same I got same issue with XT after 3.5 years...jus i change the charging's not charger issue..and again it's working fantastic...

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                              • Kei H
                              • uCh
                              • 11 Jan 2023

                              Using it from the beginning of release until now, 3 years ++
                              the only problem now is my charger keeps showing alien liquid detected, thats probably just my charger or port charger. and my storage is always full lmao.
                              but overall, its been a great journey. no plan to change soon.

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                                • Sammy
                                • 7tT
                                • 29 Dec 2022

                                It's been 3years and no problems faced whatsoever. Hats off to realme for providing smooth UI and SD712 is more than enough to handle apps and games.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • t7y
                                  • 12 Dec 2022

                                  I've been using this phone since April 2020. Its been more than 2 years . I Invested to this phone and worth the penny as experience is great and smooth.

                                  I heavily use my phone for consuming video content Netflix, YouTube, etc. and moderate gaming Mobile Legends, WildRift, Pokemon Unite. Cytus, etc. and still ok.

                                  Battery last for atleast almost a day with moderate data usage.

                                  Using 8GB RAM Variant 128GB internal storage.

                                    • X
                                    • XT 2019
                                    • gML
                                    • 12 Nov 2022

                                    To replace this phone in 2022, you have to double the budget...above 25k.....

                                      It's been 3 years and nothing bad happens. So..this phone is badass

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Kx9
                                        • 13 Aug 2022

                                        I really enjoy this phone as regular user without any expectations to play Big Game. Issues that I faced now are I can't install Huawei Healthy Apps properly. Seems like compatibility issues. The other is that I can't do any image resizing feature which I can see in newer RealMe phones.
                                        Anyone knows how to resize image on this RealMe XT phone ?