Red HTC Incredible S spotted in Denmark, looks smoking hot

18 March, 2011

An alternative color version of the HTC Incredible S has just been spotted on a Danish retailer's website. If black seemed all too played out for you, you will eventually have a chance to get the latest HTC smartphone flagship in red.

Now there is no price mentioned on the site so the red Incredible S clearly isn't in stock just yet, but its existence is confirmed now. We are not quite sure red is the perfect choice for the second option as silver, for example might have had a broader appeal. Still, having options is good and that's why this is pretty good news.

HTC Incredible S HTC Incredible S HTC Incredible S
HTC Incredible S in red

We are yet to know when exactly the red Incredible S will hit the shelves and if it will be available globally. We are also to confirm if this version will cost the same as the black one.

By the way we are on our way to publishing a full-blown review on the HTC Incredible S. You can check out the unboxing and hands-on video in our blog (there's some live photos there too) for now and keep an eye on the homepage next week to make sure you won't miss it.



Reader comments

  • maxwell

nothing new same old crap inside (no offense for the user's and the company)

  • dharm

hi i have got this phone for five days very impress with it , nice to hold and perform well.

  • Suraj

Please make a review of red incredible:-)