Red Magic 6S Pro teasers hint at graphene cooling, no changes to the design

Peter, 30 August 2021

Heat dissipation has become a hot topic for high-end smartphones, especially the ones running top of the line chipsets like the Snapdragon 888+, which will power the upcoming Red Magic 6S Pro. The gaming brand has been posting teasers about the advanced cooling solution it has devised for the new phone.

One of the teasers boasts about some space-grade technology, a graphene cooling sheet if we’re reading the machine translation right. This will be coupled with the active cooling fan, which has become a staple for the series.

Red Magic 6S Pro teasers: graphene sheet Red Magic 6S Pro teasers: fan with RGB lighting Red Magic 6S Pro teasers: same design as the 6 Pro
Red Magic 6S Pro teasers: graphene sheet • fan with RGB lighting • same design as the 6 Pro

The Red Magic 6S Pro is not expected to have major (or any) exterior changes compared to the 6 Pro. You can see the front in this teaser image for Peacekeeper Elite (a rebranded PUBG Mobile).

The display panel should be the same too, a 6.8” AMOLED with 1080p+ resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate. The one finger touch sampling rate is 500 Hz, for multiple fingers the rate is 360 Hz.

The unveiling of the new model is set for September 6 (next Monday).

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Both graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide are available at 99% purity nowadays :

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