Red Magic launches Cooler 5 Pro with MagSafe support

The gaming brand Red Magic introduced a new cooler for mobile gaming enthusiasts called Cooler 5 Pro. The accessory supports MagSafe magnetic attachment but also come with a back clip, making it compatible with practically all smartphones.

The Red Magic Cooler 5 Pro cools better, and has AI thermal control that adapts to the device's temperature. Sadly, this feature is only available through an Android app, meaning iPhone owners will not get automatic adjustments.

The device by the nubia gaming branch claims to cool a smartphone by up to 35 degrees C and reach -12 degrees. According to official information, it can drop temperature from 28 degrees to 0 in just 30 seconds.

The 7-blade fan spins at up to 5500 rpm, but never get louder than 35 dB. A 3D VC liquid cooling plate that is 3060 sq. mm in total size. It does not have a battery for independent running, so it needs to be plugged either in your phone or an external charger.

The Red Magic Cooler 5 Pro costs €59 without the back clip and €64 with the clip. It will be available in all regions where Red Magic operates from April 15.

Red Magic Cooler 5 Pro


Reader comments

  • siegsylverion

the best fan-peltier cooler still iqoo cooling pro 2 in terms of strength

because they put larger vapor cooling to make it thermally stable, and it may result in bulkier build than a54. but still, phone coolers are still neccessary when you play ultra demanding game like carx street.

  • RTXdude

This cooler is a must for esports and hardcore mobile gamers out there. On newly released games like CarXStreet and CODM:Warzone as well as Genshin impact, this 30+W cooler will really help phones to maintained performance/thermals. I have the RM Tur...