Redmi Note 14 Pro will give up on the 200 MP main camera

Vlad, 25 June 2024

The Redmi Note 14 Pro (and the Pro+, but we'll only refer to the Pro for the sake of brevity) is expected to give up on the 200 MP main camera of its predecessor. Instead, the Note 14 Pro will go with a 50 MP sensor, which will hopefully be bigger in size.

This information comes from the prolific Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station, who shared some details about the upcoming device on Weibo today. The Redmi Note 14 Pro will also apparently have a "1.5K" resolution screen, just like the Note 13 Pro.

Redmi Note 13 Pro Redmi Note 13 Pro

The next handset in the line will have a "double micro-curved" display, according to machine translation, and in case you were eagerly expecting a periscope zoom camera to make an appearance in the Redmi Note line - keep waiting, it won't happen this time around.

Interestingly, the design of the camera island on the back will change from the previous generation, with Redmi opting for a centered one in the shape of an ellipse, which should be similar to what we're currently seeing in ultra-high-end imaging flagships from China. Hopefully the ultrawide gets an upgrade too if the Redmi Note 14 Pro is to convince anyone of its camera prowess.

These are all the details leaked today. The Redmi Note 14 family should arrive around September in China, with a tentative November launch globally. These months are based off of the model numbers, which aren't always entirely accurate, so do keep that in mind. We'll definitely let you know when we find out more about the upcoming Redmi Note 14 Pro.

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And it's not even on the same level as DAC. Also, it's software-controlled, unlike wired DAC. Nice try, btw.

Wireless DAC? What does it even mean? BTW, the Bluetooth SoC inside BT headphones already contain a DAC. Not just one, but two, one for each side. 🙄

Who said anything about reading the comments?

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