Notchless Redmi spotted again in the wild

Yordan, 24 April 2019

Ten days ago we spotted a Redmi phone with an elevating mechanism for the selfie camera and lack of any bezels, waterdrops, notches, whatsoever, on the front panel. Now the device was spotted in the arms of Lu Weibing, the brand manager while ordering some stuff at a movie theater. This is likely the Snapdragon 855-powered phone that he has been posting about lately and it appears to be real and running.

Original image Enhanced image
Original image ē Enhanced image

Sources from China say this was right before the new Avengers movie, and later the Xiaomi PR department confirmed Lu was indeed at the movie theater, of course, with nothing to comment on the matter of an upcoming phone.

Original image Enhanced image
Spy shots from last week

So far we have only heard rumors and not seen any official specs about this mysterious Snapdragon 855-powered Redmi device. We expect it to have a 3.5 mm audio jack on top, but that is known from the earlier spy photos. It seems like the phone is running MIUI, so the suggestion that Lu might be using a competitorís phone, for some reason, is out of the question.

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