Remember when the Note7 miserably failed the scratch test? Turns out it was inconclusive

10 October 2016

Just under two months ago, YouTuber JerryRigEverything released a video for the Galaxy Note7 regarding the durability of its glass. If you recall, the Gorilla Glass 5 scratched starting with the level 3 pick of Mohs hardness scale. This even provoked Corning to reassure that Gorilla Glass 5 is the same, if not more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass 4 as per the company’s own laboratory testing.

The assumption was that by making Gorilla Glass 5 more resilient to drops, the glass formula was altered with and the glass made softer, therefore causing it to scratch more easily.

Original Note7 Scratch test - inconclusive

It turns out this is not the case. Upon further investigation, (which really stumped the YouTuber), the scratch tests had to be thrown out, and redone. The culprit was the sharpening stone (used to sharpen the scratch picks) contained traces of harder metals, which became embedded in the picks, therefore seemingly scratching the Gorilla Glass 5 with lower softer picks.

A new update video is out, explaining the investigation and reason why the tests were inconclusive. As for the iPhone 7 scratch test though, the one where the camera lens and home button scratched easily? Yeah, those are still valid.