Report: iOS 14 reaches 90% adoption

Michail, 07 April 2021

Apple’s iPhones usually boast some of the highest update rates as users are treated to the latest firmware update as soon as it’s released by Apple. According to data from Mixpanel an estimated 90.45% of iOS users are running iOS 14 on their devices. Apple still hasn’t officially backed up these claims but the numbers make sense if we go by previous values.

iOS adoption rates (data by Mixpanel)
iOS adoption rates (data by Mixpanel)

Back in February, Apple published official adoption rate data for iOS 14 with data measured by the App Store. The numbers revealed 86% of all devices introduced in the past four years used iOS 14 and 80% of all iPhones ran the iOS 14.

Report: iOS 14 reaches 90% adoption rate

A quick comparison to a recent report on Android 11 adoption rates revealed that only 25% of phones in the US ran the latest Android 11 OS. On the opposite end of the spectrum, each new iOS release usually surpasses the adoption rates of its predecessor.

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Once you go to 120hz, you never go back to 60hz ever again.

Keep telling yourself that.

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I doubt your doubt. old devices like the nexus 6p had a better screen resolution and it was great. I won't settle for fhd+ again, tried many devices and the panels sure have gotten better over the years, but man there is no unseeing high ppi, es...

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