Report says Sony's PlayStation Now cloud gaming service coming to PCs this month

Himanshu, 13 August, 2016

According to a recent report out of France, Sony will bring its PlayStation Now cloud gaming service to PCs this month - on August 23 to be specific. The service was first launched by the Japanese company back in 2014.

The report notes that PlayStation Now for PC will be available in Europe to start off, where Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK will be the first set of countries to get it. It will arrive in the United States and Canada a week later.

To refresh, PlayStation Now allows you to stream PlayStation 3 games directly to not only your PlayStation 4 but other Sony platforms as well.



Reader comments

What kind of stupid comment is this. And how is this improving PC gaming when it's the consoles fault it the first place that it's missing games.


What??? .___________.

  • Anonymous

This is why I don't like commenting on forums people can't distinguished sarcasm from written words. PS. I still prefer PC gaming than console and I have already played some old playstation games using emulator.