Report: Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be available globally

Ro, 12 March 2023

After the well-acclaimed Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra in 2021, everyone was waiting for the 12 Ultra. But when the company announced the 12S Ultra, it decided not to release the handset worldwide, supposedly due to the chip shortage everyone was experiencing in 2022.

Report: Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be available globally

This year, however, the alleged Xiaomi 13 Ultra is tipped to reach the global market. The leak comes from a fairly reputable source. The same report also reveals that Oppo's flagship Find X6 Pro won't make it outside of China.

As one would expect, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is going to be a real camera powerhouse and we already have a rough idea of what the handset might end up looking.



Reader comments

No one cares that you think that. In other news. Does anyone know when this thing will actually freakin launch globally? We're in the middle of May already and it's been out like a month.

I want to take this opportunity and inform the global brands that I will not buy another phone until they make 1Kw chargers. I have spoken.

Your point doesn't make sense. According many leakers in China Xiaomi's current 120w fast charging does not support usb3.x which is why it hasn't been used. The leakers are saying this new 90w charging works with usb 3.x and they are s...

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