Retail-ready Xiaomi Mi Max 3 handled on video

Ivan, 06 July 2018

Yet another sighting of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 reaffirms all we've seen until now but it's the first leak in video form.

While very short - 03s - the video shows all sides of the phone and all its stickers. On the back there's a dual camera and fingerprint scanner and the screen-protective sticker on the front reveals the name of the Mi Max 3 as well as the 6.9-inch size of the screen, the 12MP + 5MP dual camera and the 5,500mAh battery.

We've seen the battery reported as a 5,400mAh unit, but that could be a case of minimal vs typical capacity.

As for the screen, we're yet to see the 6.9-inch unit powered on but it looks fitted amid some thin bezels, giving us the hope the Mi Max 3 won't be much, if at all, bigger than its predecessor.

Now go on and unveil it already!

Thanks for the tip!


Reader comments

  • Lalu Prasad

Can't wait no more...

Go to Setting - Additional Setting - Notification Light.. This setting not available for Android One phone a.k.a A1 & all phone under Android One dont have..

Just release it now, Xiaomi!

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